Prof. Dr. Morven Beaton-Thome

Dr. phil.
Prof. Dr. Morven Beaton-Thome

Campus Südstadt
Ubierring 48
50678 Köln

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Sommersemester 2019

Campus Südstadt, Ubierring 48, Raum 453
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Summer semester 2019

Campus Südstadt, Ubierring 48, Raum 453
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  • Mitglied im Studienbeirat der Fakultät 03 / Member of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Institutvorstandsmitglied ITMK / Institute board member ITMK
  • Studiengangsleiterin MA Konferenzdolmetschen / Programme Director MA in Conference Interpreting
  • Vorsitzende der Studienreformkommission ITMK / Chair of the ITMK Curricular Reform Committee
  • Mitglied im Fakultätsrat / Faculty Board member


  • Theorie und Praxis des Dolmetschens (Englisch) Dolmetschwissenschaft; Diskurs- und Textanalyse; Konsekutiv und Simultandolmetschen D-E; Notizentechnik; Übersetzen für Dolmetscher; Mehrsprachiges Konferenzdolmetschen; Landeswissenschaft Englisch; Gesprächsdolmetschen
  • Theory and Practice of Interpreting (English) Interpreting Studies; Discourse and Text Analysis; Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting D-E; Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting; Translation for Interpreters; Multilingual Conference Interpreting; Area Studies (English); Liaison Interpreting


  • Interpreting Studies
  • Ideological Positioning and Interpreter Agency in Institutional Settings
  • Multilingualism in Institutions
  • Negotiation and Construction of the Self/Other dichotomy, particularly in settings of nationalism and immigration
  • Diversity and Superdiversity
  • Discoursal Identity Construction, particularly related to Scots in the diaspora
  • (Critical) Discourse Analysis
  • Interpreting Pedagogy, particularly Situated Expertise and Communities of Practice


  • IATIS-Mitglied / Member of IATIS
    The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) is a world-wide forum designed to enable scholars from different regional and disciplinary backgrounds to debate issues pertinent to translation and other forms of intercultural communication.


seit 2013 Professorin für Theorie und Praxis des Dolmetschens Englisch / Professor for Theory and Practice of Interpreting (English)
am Institut für Translation und Mehrsprachigkeit (ITMK) der TH Köln / Cologne University of Applied Sciences
2007 - 2013 Lecturer in Interpreting and Translation Studies
Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies (CTIS), The University of Manchester, UK
2007 PhD in Interpreting Studies
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK 'Intertextuality and Ideology in Interpreter-mediated Communication: The case of the European Parliament' Supervisors: Professor Emeritus Ian Mason, Professor Colin B. Grant