Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann

Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann

Campus Südstadt
Ubierring 48
50678 Köln
Raum 335 Postanschrift

  • Telefon+49 221-8275-3475


  • Organizational and Group Psychology Organizational and Group Dynamics, Coaching and Consulting, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, Intercultural and International Cooperation


  • Corporate Culture Corporate Culture, Organizational Climate and Individual Career Patterns
  • Family businesses and families in business
  • Female career paths - what makes women successful?
  • School Development and Interprofessional Cooperations in Schools


  • German Socierty for Organizational and Group Dynamics / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gruppendynamik und Organisationsdynamik (DGGO)
    Member of the management board, 2. Vorsitzende
  • Tops München-Berlin e.V.
    Member of the teaching board, at Tops München-Berlin e.V. we provide Professional Development Courses in Coaching, Leadership, Consulting and Supervision
  • German Society of Supervision / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Supervision (DGSv)


Since 1997 Entrepreneur - Brinkmann Beratung
Organizational Consultant and Coach since 1997
2003 - 2009 Audi Akademie GmbH, Ingolstadt
Consultant for six years at Audi Akademie GmbH with responsibility for consultant training, organizational development, project management & management training; project leader on a variety of projects
Jan. 1997 - Dec. 1997 Krankenhaus München Schwabing, München
Project leader of a quality management project at the Schwabing Hospital in Munich
Oct. 1996 - Jan. 1999 Mannheim University
Research Assistant (Project about Judgement and Decision Making; Chair Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler)
2000 University of Heidelberg
PhD in Psychology, University of Heidelberg, Department of Social Psychology
1990 - 1996 University of Heidelberg
Diploma in Psychology