Dr. Himanshu Himanshu

Dr. Himanshu Himanshu

Campus Gummersbach
Steinmüllerallee 1
51643 Gummersbach


  • EU Project Management
  • Post Doctoral Researcher in the field of Circular Bioeconomy


  • Circular (Bio)Economy
  • Co-Treatment of Landfill Leachate and Liquid Fractions of Anaerobic Digestate in an Industrial-Scale Membrane Bioreactor System
    Annepogu, N.B., Beese-Vasbender, P.F., Himanshu, H., Wolf, C. and Rehorek, A., 2022, Hg.: Processes, 10(6), p.1140.
  • Hydrothermal carbonization of biowaste as an alternative treatment path to current waste management practices in Germany
    Stobernack, N., Mayer, F., Malek, C., Bhandari, R. and Himanshu, H., 2021, Hg.: Energy Conversion and Management, 244, p.114433.
  • Economic and environmental life cycle assessment of organic waste treatment by means of incineration and biogasification. Is source segregation of biowaste justified in Germany?
    Mayer, F., Bhandari, R., Gäth, S. A., Himanshu, H., & Stobernack, N., 2020, Hg.: Science of The Total Environment, 137731
  • Impact of characteristics of the feedstocks grass silage and cattle slurry on the cost of methane production
    Himanshu, H., Lenehan, JJ., Murphy, J.D. and O’Kiely, P., 2019, Hg.: Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, 13(1), 129-139.
  • Synergies from co-digesting grass or clover silages with cattle slurry in in vitro batch anaerobic digestion
    Himanshu, H., Murphy, J.D., Grant, J. and O’Kiely, P., 2018, Hg.: Renewable Energy, 127, 474-480.
  • Antagonistic effects on biogas and methane output when co-digesting cattle and pig slurries with grass silages in in vitro batch anaerobic digestion
    Himanshu, H., Murphy, J.D., Grant, J. and O’Kiely, P., 2018, Hg.: Biomass and Bioenergy, 109, 190-198.
  • Factors controlling headspace pressure in a manual manometric BMP method can be used to produce a methane output comparable to AMPTS
    Himanshu, H., Voelklein, M.A., Murphy, J.D., Grant, J. and O'Kiely, P., 2017, Hg.: Bioresource Technology, 238, 633-642.
  • Biogas from grass silage
    O’Kiely, P., Nolan, P., Wall, D.M., Himanshu, H., Lenehan, J.J., Doyle, E.M., Murphy, J.D., 2015, Hg.: In 6th Nordic Feed Science Conference, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Salicylic acid, a plant defense hormone, is specifically secreted by a molluscan herbivore
    Kästner, J., von Knorre, D., Himanshu, H., Erb, M., Baldwin, I.T. and Meldau, S., 2014, Hg.: PloS one, 9(1), p.e86500.
  • Organic waste management in Germany
    ESEIA International Conference, Aglandjia, Cyprus.
  • Future of anaerobic digestion in Germany
    STEPsCON 2018. Leverkusen, Germany.
  • Application of 3D printing and open source hardware.
    Research and Innovation Conference 2017. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Impact of headspace volume and overhead-pressure measurement frequency on SMY using micro-BMP method.
    Biogas Science Conference. Szeged, Hungary.
  • Synergies from co-digestion of grass silage with other feedstocks.
    ATBEST Conference. Linköping, Sweden.
  • How to deliver an elevator pitch?
    Bioeconomy Impact 2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Biogas Plant Feasibility calculator
    EBN Conference 2015. Brussels, Belgium.