Scarlet La Shea Siebert

Scarlet La Shea Siebert

Campus Südstadt
Ubierring 48
50678 Köln
Raum 124 Postanschrift

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Campus Südstadt, Ubierring 48, Raum 124
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  • Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Projekt "Inklusion und sprachliche Bildung mit digitalen Medien im Kindergarten"
  • Doktorandin am Graduiertenkolleg NRW "Digitale Gesellschaft"


  • Inclusion and language learning with digital media in kindergarten
    The qualitative study aimed at analyzing the potential of digital media exemplified by tablets for inclusive learning and playing settings in integrative kindergartens. Research results suggest that tablet games could provide mutually interesting activities for different children. But in the educators' point of view tablet activities must contribute to learning – having fun together is not seen as an attractive goal.
    Workshop on Early Literacy and (Digital) Media, Universität Paderborn