Prof. Dr. Chunrong Yuan

Prof. Dr. Chunrong Yuan

Campus Deutz
Betzdorfer Straße 2
50679 Köln
Raum ZW 6-9 Postanschrift

  • Telefon+49 221-8275-2425


Mittwoch, 11.00 bis 11.45 Uhr
Campus Deutz, Betzdorfer Str. 2, Raum ZW6-9
Die Sprechstunde gilt nur für die Vorlesungszeit. In der Vorlesungsfreien Zeit nur nach Vereinbarung.


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  • Gleichstellungsbeauftragte der F07


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  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Practical Informatics, IT Project Management


  • Computer and Robot Vision, Mobile Autonomous Systems, Multimodal Human-Robot Interaction, Deep Learning and Mobile Autonomy, Statistical Object Recognition, Localization and Mapping, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality
  • VIS-Map (Vision-based Mapping and Localization in Indoor Environments)
  • SingingNao (Automatic Music Recognition on the Nao Robot)
  • Spiderbot (A Biologically Inspired Eight-Legged Robot)
  • 3DEnvScan (A 3D Scanner Built with off-the-shelf Components)
  • Belino (A Smartphone-based Social Robot)
  • Storage Robot (A Small-Scale AGV Built for Unmanned Logistic Applications)
  • FLUMIS (A Flying Platform for Measurement, Inspection and Security Applications)
  • RoboChess (Visual Perception and Analysis for Human-Robot Chess Playing)
  • CURVACE (Curved Artificial Compound Eyes)
  • µDrones (Micro Drone Autonomous Navigation for Environment Sensing)
Since 2012 TH Köln
Professor for Robotics & Autonomous Systems
2007 - 2012 University of Tübingen
Group Leader (Autonomous Robots) at the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Faculty of Science Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
2002 - 2006 Fraunhofer FIT
Area Leader (Computer Vision) at CVAE (Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Environments) Fraunhofer FIT
1997 - 2001 University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Researcher at the Pattern Recognition Lab, Department of Computer Science Pattern Recognition Lab
1992 - 1997 Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
Research Associate at the Institute of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE) SJTU PAMi