Prof. Dr. Christoph Hartl

Prof. Dr. Christoph Hartl

Campus Deutz
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50679 Köln
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  • Prodekan Forschung und Forschungsförderung
  • Stellvertretung des Dekans


  • Fertigungsverfahren | Manufacturing Technology


  • Produktionsprozesse, Prozessskalierung | Production Processes, Scaling of Production Processes | Process design, development of tools and machines for production processes, hydroforming, micro-hydroforming and micro-blow moulding
  • Prozesssimulationen mit der FEM | FE-based Simulation of Forming Processes | Optimization and design of production processes and feasibility studies
  • Materialbearbeitung mit Lasern | Laser Processing | Micro structuring of metal surfaces, welding, soldering and processing of micro-components

+Projekte / Kooperationen

  • Public funded projects / Öffentlich geförderte Projekte:
  • Ready-to-manufacture design of lightweight carrying devices for architectural building elements
    With the support of the State of NRW and in cooperation with an architect from the Cologne-Bonn region this project started in 2015. Objective is the implementation of a patented idea dealing with flexible carrying devices for architectural building elements mounted in large heights. Focus of the work conducted by the TH Köln is on the lightweight design of the carrying devices with particular regard to durability and economic manufacture. Simulation methods based on FEA are used for design optimization.
  • CPU-cooling system with energy recovery based on thermogenerators
    Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Eneregy since 2013 this project is working on the development of a fluid-based cooling system for computer processors. The basic strategy consists in the application of a new thermogenerator concept to recover the emitted heat of processors. Improved cooling efficiency and reduction in size and weight of required cooling devices are additional objectives of the conducted research work. The project partner angaris GmbH is resonsible for the new thermogenerator design which is aimed at reduced production costs. Besides the overall cooling system layout, the Cologne University of Applied Science is working on investigations into the application of micro-manufacturing technology for an economic series production of the required heat exchangers with micro-channel structure.
    The POLYTUBES project started in 2009 and was promoted for three years within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. Overall objective was to develop a process chain and a corresponding micro-manufacturing platform for the manufacture of polymer-microtubes and tubular micro-components for innovative products concerning medical and non medical applications. With 16 European partners it created new markets for SMEs with innovative and economically competitive micro-products and micro-manufacturing equipment to meet the needs for a wide range of emerging applications. Within this project the Cologne University of Applied Sciences developed a machine system for micro-blow moulding of polymeric micro-components in mass production. Manufactured demonstrators for consumer goods show the full potential of this new production technology.
    Launched in 1st July 2004, MASMICRO was an Integrated Project for the Integration of Manufacturing Systems for Mass-Manufacture of Miniature/Micro-Products, supported by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme. This four-year flagship micro-manufacturing project involved a consortium composed of 36 partners from 13 EU countries, including 18 industrial partners. The total budget of the project was over 21 million euros. As one of these partners the Cologne University of Applied Sciences developed successfully the fundamentals for processes and machine systems for the new forming technology “micro-hydroforming” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christoph Hartl. Today, micro-hydroforming enables the cost-effective production of hollow shaped micro-components from metal materials.


  • Publications
    January 2017
  • Selected Publications of
    the past four year
  • Reliability engineering on face of shorten product life cycles: Challenges, technique trends and method approaches to ensure reliability. Proc. of Conf. European Safety and Reliability, Glasgow, 25. - 29. September 2016
    Bracke, S.; Hinz, M.; Inoue, M.; Pateli, E.; Kutz, S.; Gottschalk, H.; Ulutas, B.; Hartl, Ch.; Mörs, P.; Bonnaud, P., 2016
  • Investigations into Forming Limits and Process Control of Micro-Hydroforming (Key note speech). 7th International Conference on Tube Hydroforming, Xi'an, China, 9. - 11. September 2015, 3-16
    Hartl, Ch.; Chlynin, A.; Radetzky, M., 2015
  • Micro-hydroforming. In: Micro Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, editor Yi Qin, second edition, Elsevier, Oxford, 323-345
    Hartl, Ch., 2015
  • Forming of polymeric tubular micro-components. In: Micro Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, editor Yi Qin, second edition, Elsevier, Oxford, 179-200
    Qin, Y.; Zhao, J.; Anyasodor, G.; Hansen, K. S.; Calderon, I.; Konrad, K.; Hartl, Ch.; Arentoft, M.; Chronakis, I. S., 2015
  • The influence of axial compressive stresses on the formability and scattering of process parameters in micro-hydroforming processes of tubes. 4th International Conference on New Forming Technology, Glasgow, UK, 6. - 9. August 2015, 06001-p1-p7.
    Hartl, Ch.; Chlynin, A.; Radetzky, M., 2015
  • Prediction accuracy of failure criteria in FE-analyses of hydroforming processes. Machine Dynamics Research 38 (2014) 4, 69-77
    Hartl, Ch.; Radetzky, M., 2014
  • Evaluation of experimental and numerical investigations into micro-hydroforming of platinum tubes for industrial application. Manufacturing Review 1 (2014) 17, DOI: 10.1051/mfreview/2014015
    Hartl, Ch.; Schiefer, H.; Chlynin, A., 2014


  • Manufacturing Review, Associate Editor since 2016
    The aim of the journal "Manufacturing Review" is to stimulate and record an international forum for disseminating knowledge on the advances, developments and applications of manufacturing engineering, technology and applied sciences with a focus on critical reviews of developments in manufacturing and emerging trends in this field. Editor-in-chief: Yi Qin (UK)
    Manufacturing Review
  • Association for Vocational Training in Engineering and Science e.V. (Gesellschaft für technisch-wissenschaftliche Fortbildung e.V.), Cologne, Germany, President since 2006
  • VDI Association of German Engineers, Member since 2004
  • Institute of Production Engineering and Organisation GmbH (Institut für Produktionstechnik und –organisation GmbH), Cologne, Germany, Managing Director since 2002