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6th Afternoon for Doctorates

6. NdP (Bild: Costa Belibasakis/TH Köln)

On April 25th 2018, Graduate Center organized the 6th Afternoon for Doctorates where the doctoral researchers at TH Köln got to know each other and establish interdisciplinary connections.

After a greeting from Prof. Dr. Klaus Becker, Vice-President for Research and Knowledge Transfer, the doctoral researchers were informed about the services and the program offered by Graduate Center. Afterwards, Dr. Carolin Schuchert, from the Graduate Institute North Rein Westphalia (GI NRW) presented the tasks and services from this institution.

6. NdP Becker, Werner, Nguyen Prof. Dr. Klaus Becker, Melanie Werner, Duc Son Nguyen (v.l.) (Bild: Costa Belibasakis/TH Köln)

Finally, Kerstin Klein presented the publication service of TH Köln and there was an open forum to voice questions, wishes and criticism.

Since 2012, the Afternoon for Doctorates provides the opportunity for doctoral researchers at TH Köln to get to know each other and be in contact with members of the university governance. Apart from an information session on different subjects, the event provides the opportunity to discuss personal requirements.