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Interested in a doctorate?

If you are interested in a doctoral position at TH Köln, this is the right address: Here you can find detailed information about the recognition of foreign occupational qualification in Germany, funding opportunities and everything dealing with the application process.

Application Process

All information about how, when and where to apply for doctoral positions at TH Köln can be accessed here.


Everyone ...

  • ... with a finished Master degree from a university
  • ... who finds a supervisor at TH Köln and a second advisor at the cooperating university


  • You can apply for a doctoral position throughout the whole year.


You ...

  • ... can only obtain doctorate at TH Köln in cooperation with a university.
  • ... first need to find a supervisor at TH Köln that can supervise and advise you as an expert on your doctoral thesis topic.
  • ... then need to find a second supervisor from the cooperating university (in Germany or any other country) that has the right to confer doctoral degrees. The cooperating university will then check if your degree authorizes you to execute a doctorate and also what kind of English language skills are needed.
  • ... are now able to enroll at TH Köln as a doctoral researcher and are offered a specific training programme and other support measures (in case all formalities mentioned above are accomplished). Enrollment
  • ... also need to look for external funding opportunities, as the Graduate Center does not offer any scholarships. For example: DAAD - Funding opportunities.


You need to bring in...

  • ... enrollment certification of the university where you want to do your doctorate - if not enrolled there: certificate of your maintained doctorate.
  • ... an informal confirmation of the professor who is supervising your doctoral thesis.
  • filled-in-applications of registration and for MultiCa (student-ID card - passport picture needed!). - You can get these at the study counselling office or at Graduate Center of TH Köln.


  • At TH Köln and the cooperating university
  • The enrollment has to take place in the office where you are going to proceed the cooperative doctoral studies



It is worth it ...

  • ... if you want to enter on a science career in the future.
  • ... because TH Köln is equipped with extremely qualified researchers and excellent configuration for many different fields of work.

Recognition of foreign occupational qualification in Germany

On this website (unfortunately only available in German) you can check if your degree is recognized in Germany and if it entitles you to access doctoral studies at a cooperating university. It also illustrates what kind of proof of your English language skills you need to possess.

In case of a German university, you might have to obtain a certain level of German or you might have to visit some additional courses at Master level.