Vortragsreihe "Frauen gestalten digitale Zukünfte!" – Collective Conditions

  (Bild: TH Köln)

If you would want to articulate a Code of Conduct yourselves, where do you start?

Collective Conditions – hostet by Constant (Elodie Mugrefya and Femke Snelting)

The event takes place in englisch and any language obstacles will be solved by collective interventions.

This talk/conversation starts from five different Codes of Conduct that are currently being used by trans*feminist collectives, intersectional activists, Open Knowledge practitioners and by hackspaces. Each in their own way these groups have decided to address and resist to cultures of harassment with the help of written guidelines. The tools and methods they propose have different genealogies, vocabularies and politics. What protocols can work when participants have radically different needs, backgrounds and agencies? How to makes sure that these self-invented rules are generative and do not turn into excluding and ostracising law-like ways of doing?

Elodie Mugrefya and Femke Snelting are working with and for Constant, an association for art and media based in Brussels since 1997. Feminist intersectional perspectives orient both Constant's collaborative practices and the way the collective operates. Constant generates performative publishing, curatorial processes, poetic software, experimental research and educational prototypes in local and international contexts.

When: 19.04.2021 – 17:00 h
Where: The event will take place at https://ac.techsi.de/ in the mainstage. At the beginning of the event you will be picked up at the entry. To join in later, use the direct link to the video conference: https://jitsi.shinytoys.eu/Mainstage-602fb04dd192c137a60aecdb#

April 2021