Paper "Model-Based Multiobjective Optimization of Elevator Group Control" freely available

Simplified Elevator System (Bild: Stork, Bartz-Beielstein)

Finding a suitable control strategy for the elevator group controller (EGC) is a complex optimization problem with several objectives. We utilize the sequential-ring (S-Ring) model of EGC systems and propose a biobjective formulation of the EGC optimization problem.

With larger number of people living in urban areas and modern barrier-free building design, elevator systems are becoming more and more important. Modern multi-car el- evator systems are controlled by elevator group controllers (EGC) that assign elevator cars to their destinations based on the customer service calls. The control strategy strongly affects the desired service quality, customer satisfaction, en- ergy consumption, and material attrition. Thus, finding an adequate control strategy depicts a complex optimization problem with several objectives, which is further dependent on the building structure and the passenger traffic situa- tion. Unlike the previous work, we use true multiobjective optimizers in solving this problem. Their results on three real-world elevator systems reveal the possible trade-offs between the objectives and offer a valuable insight into the problem.

Keywords: elevator group control, S-Ring, perceptron, multiobjective optimization, NSGA-II, DEMO

The paper can be downloaded here: 
Model-Based Multiobjective Optimization of Elevator Group Control


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