Mindfulness in times of digital studying for students

AStA: Achtsamkeit für Studierende und Beschäftige, 12. November 2020

The last few months have demanded flexibility and strength from us. Digital studies, home office, safety measures, minimizing contact and changing daily routines can lead to increased physical or emotional tension and stress. According to WHO (World Health Organization), stress is the greatest health threat of the 21st century - stress is a masssuffering.

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Mindfulness in times of digital studying for students

AStA: Achtsamkeit für Studierende und Beschäftige


  • 12. November 2020
  • 17.30 Uhr bis 19.30 Uhr
  • in meinen Kalender übertragen




AStA: Achtsamkeit für Studierende und Beschäftige


Dr. med. Malte Thormählen (Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, medical psychotherapist, behavioral therapy, MBCT Teacher) and Constanze Basche-Cariers (Master‘s degree in Philosophy, Psychology and English Literature)


Registration (limited number of participants): Email to sekretariat@asta.th-koeln.de Please note the specified registration period! Please specify: name of the event, surname, first name, course of study/ department, matriculation number

Mindfulness offers the opportunity to look at what is currently important and to  reflect on yourself.

In this talk we will be speaking about what mindfulness actually is (a practice for the brain) and what it‘s not (e.g. wearing special clothes, sitting in uncomfortable  positions for hours, following a guru ...), what science has to say about mindfulness in terms of physical and psychological health benefits and what happens if you practice it on a regular basis. We intend to make clear that mindfulness is nothing you have to spend hours on to get a benefit out of it. In fact, research has shown that short instances of mindfulness (under a minute) several times a day can change your brain so that you feel more relaxed, focused and resilient. We will be teaching different mindfulness exercises, discussing participants‘ experiences and
speaking about how to integrate those techniques into daily life.