KISDtalk: "The Digital Tipping Point Is Now"

KISDtalk: Theories and Practice of Design , 18. Juni 2019

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In this public lecture, designer and KISDtalk speaker Thomas Speicher will elaborate on the changes and chances in technological development and on the way we perceive digitization and data.

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KISDtalk: "The Digital Tipping Point Is Now"

KISDtalk: Theories and Practice of Design


  • 18. Juni 2019
  • 17.30 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr
  • in meinen Kalender übertragen


KISD – Köln International School of Design, Ubierring 40, 50678 Cologne


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KISDtalks: Theories and Practice of Design


Thomas Speicher, Dipl. Des., denkwerk, Cologne


KISD – Köln International School of Design

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Change is often associated with worries. And we are on the verge of a dramatic change that will make it a constant companion. Nevertheless, change has always driven us forward, made us doubt, try out and invent new things. Technological development on the one hand changed consumer behavior on the other: both result in questioning the classical understanding of advertising. Instead, it is the beginning of helpful services which facilitate the combination of both aspects and, in consequence, lead to the growing relevance of values such as attitude, customer-centricity, simplicity, sustainability, speed, and collaboration.
What does this mean for our skills we need to shape? The playing field to challenge change has become all-encompassing: Brands must prove themselves in dialog. Good stories must keep campaigns and channels together. Business should be solidly transformed and new business models well-positioned. Working methods must be transparent and data must be a consistent “proof” and inspirer.

Thomas Speicher
Working in the digital since ever
• 1991 – 1996: KISD – Köln International School of Design (Service Design, Hypermedia & Interface, Typography & Layout)
• 1996: Freelance Business Consultant, Deutsche Telekom
• 1997 – 2001: berens/partner, from Project Manager to Head of Project Management
• 2001 – today: denkwerk, from Director Account Management to Digital Strategy Director

The talk will be held in English language.

The KISDtalks are a public lecture series on relevant perspectives of design. They give space for an open-minded and profound analysis and reflexion of the manifold issues of design, culture, society, technology, and different scientific disciplines. Topics are interdisciplinary, integrative, and provide internationality by domestic and international speakers.
The talks take place on specified dates on a Tuesday at 5:30 pm in the conference room 11 at KISD. The 60-90 minutes-long presentations with “Q&A“ are a public event and free of charge.