Eindrücke und Erfahrungen der Studierenden in der Konferenzsprache Englisch

Die Bachelor- und Masterstudierenden waren begeistert von der Möglichkeit, schon im Studium an einer wissenschaftlichen Konferenz wie der GECCO-C teilzunehmen. Hier ihre Eindrücke und Erfahrungen in der Konferenzsprache Englisch.

GECCO was a nice opportunity to represent our work, to see other researches, and get to know people all around the world who share common interests. It would make me glad if we had inspired others or shared some useful knowledge with them. Despite the odds I find the effort of the GECCO staff stunning, trying to make things as interactive as possible. For sure it would create a different atmosphere, if we were to gather on site with all attendees. Looking forward for it in the future!
- Alpar Gür, Bachelor Student, TH Köln

GECCO was the first scientific conference I attended. Although the circumstances due to the pandemic were complicated, the GECCO team came up with a good solution. The whole conference was offered online and was accessible via Whova, Zoom, and Gather. This eased getting in touch with attendees around the globe and made it possible to talk privately. Therefore, we were able to attend presentations of papers and posters online while still staying in touch with the presenter. I took a lot away from the conference and I am glad that we also had the oppertunity to present our poster and receive some feedback.
- Nicolas Rehbach, Bachelor Student, TH Köln

GECCO was my first time experience attending an academic conference. In the beginning, I had my doubts about the effectiveness of virtual conferences, but with “Gather”, a virtual game-like environment and the all-in-one event application “Whova”, it was surprisingly well constructed and well managed. It was refreshing to hear so many new creative ideas, as well as the discussion and exchange of scientific concepts. It made me more motivated to do further pursue and continue my academic work.
- Amrita Sen, Master Student, TH Köln

GECCO was my first Conference and despite it being online, it was a great experience. Since i'm very new to the whole topic of evolutionary computation. It was at times difficult to follow the presenters on the more advanced topics. Nevertheless especially the real word applications track featured some very inspiring presentations which made me want to learn more and dive deeper into the topic myself.
- Marcel Dröscher, Bachelor Student, TH Köln

GECCO was a good opportunity for me to get an insight into how a conference works. I enjoyed the poster session, especially the discussions with fellow researchers and the chance to obtain an overview of different applications for genetic algorithms.
- Lennard Reese, Bachelor Student, TH Köln

September 2021