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Patrick Kaprolat

Patrick Kaprolat

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Blockchain - Worldwide Disruption Across Industries?

Interactive Seminar, 28. Oktober 2021

Blockchain Veranstaltung (Bild: Meike Krautscheid)

Well-known through the mass media is the word „Bitcoin“. But the underlying Blockchain Technology - a decentralized immutable network of values and data - is widely unknown. Is it bringing a massive revolution through all industries? In this interactive seminar you will be given an encouraging introduction to the world of Blockchain and its opportunities.

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Blockchain - Worldwide Disruption Across Industries?

Interactive Seminar


  • 28. Oktober 2021
  • 17.00 Uhr bis 18.30 Uhr
  • in meinen Kalender übertragen




Free of charge


Dr. Eva Porras, Blockchain expert
Meike Krautscheid, Entrepreneur in the area of Blockchain


Please register using the following form (in German): Register for the blockchain event

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The event language is English. All interested are welcome!

This is an open call to all students and faculties interested in learning more about the Blockchain. It is not a technical presentation, the focus is on applied use cases, potentials and developments.

Dr. Eva Porras, researcher at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid and expert in the field of Blockchain, will give a broad overview on the Blockchain technology. She will uncover spotlights on the history, status quo, use cases and limits of the technology. Entrepreneurs and professionals of the sector will present their ideas in videos and there will be a lot of room for questions and open discussion. The presentation and Q&A will be supported by Meike Krautscheid, student of TH Köln and Entrepreneur in the area of Blockchain.

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