available on CRAN, the Comprehensive R Archive Network

CRAN (Bild: TH Köln/IDEA)

After several months of development and discussions with experts from various fields, we are very proud that version 11.5.14 of the opensource resource-planning tool for hospitals under special consideration of #COVID19 pandemic is available on CRAN. implements a discrete-event simulation model for a hospital resource planning problem. It provides many advantages for COVID-19 crisis teams, e.g., comparison with their own local planning, simulation of local events, simulation of several scenarios (worst / best case).

There are benefits for medical professionals, e.g, analysis of the pandemic at local, regional, state and federal level, the consideration of special risk groups, tools for validating the length of stays and transition probabilities.
Finally, there are potential advantages for administration, management, e.g., assessment of the situation of individual hospitals taking local events into account, consideration of relevant resources such as beds, ventilators, rooms, protective clothing, and personnel planning, e.g., medical and nursing staff. combines simulation, optimization, statistics, and artificial intelligence processes in a very efficient way. The core is a discrete, event-based simulation model. Here is the link to the download page on CRAN:

Dezember 2020