Information on preparatory courses (Studienkolleg)

Studierende diskutieren in der Gruppe (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/TH Köln)

Applicants whose international school leaving certificate does not entitle them to study directly at a German university must - in most cases - attend a preparatory course.

Studienkolleg - what is that?

If you are qualified to study in your home country with your school leaving certificate, but this degree is not recognised as a higher education entrance qualification in Germany, you usually will need to attend a Studienkolleg (preparatory course) before starting your studies.

You can use the Anabin database [German] to find out whether your school leaving certificate is recognised as a direct university entrance qualification in Germany.

You can attend a Studienkolleg at a university or at a university of applied sciences. If you have successfully passed the final exams (Feststellungsprüfung) at a university Studienkolleg, you can study at a university or at a university of applied sciences. If you have passed the exams (Feststellungsprüfung) at a Studienkolleg connected to a university of applied sciences, you are usually not qualified to study at a university, but can only study at a university of applied sciences. Graduates of Studienkollegs can apply to study in all of Germany.

We will also be happy to advise you in the Department of International Affairs. We have offices at three campus of TH Köln. Please also note our opening hours.

How do I apply with my final exams (Feststellungsprüfung)?

The Feststellungsprüfung (e.g. as a degree from a Studienkolleg in Germany) is only valid in conjunction with your foreign secondary school certificate and therefore counts as a foreign higher education entrance qualification, i.e. not as a German certificate. Please follow the instructions in the table.

What are specialized courses?

The Studienkollegs offer different specialized courses, designed to match different  study programs.

The university Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses as preparation for studying at university:

  • M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical study programs
  • T-course: for mathematical, scientific or technical study programs
  • W-course:for business, economics and social science study programs
  • G-course: for humanities and design/art study programs or German studies
  • S-course: for language degrees

The university of applied sciences Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses as preparation for studying:

  • TI-course: for technical and engineering degrees
  • WW-course: for economics and business degrees
  • SW-course: for social science degrees

When you apply for a Studienkolleg, you must already decide in which subject area you would like to study after the preparatory course. You therefore decide on a specialisation course which, after passing the final exam, allows you to study in your desired subject area in Germany.

Which course do I need in order to be able to study at TH Köln?

Bachelor program Specialized Course
Applied Chemistry T-course, TI-course
Architecture T-course, TI-course
Banking and Finance W-course, WW-course
Business Administration W-course, WW-course
Business Administration and Engineering T-course, TI-course,
W-course, WW-course
Business Information Systems T-course, TI-course,
W-course, WW-course
Business Law G-course,
W-course, WW-course
Civil Engineering T-course, TI-course
Code & Context G-course
T-course, TI-course
W-course, WW-course
Computer Science & Engineering T-course, TI-course
Computer Science T-course, TI-course
Conservation and Restoration of Art and Cultural Property G-course
Construction Machinery and Agricultural Engineering T-course, TI-course
Data and Information Science W-course, WW-course
Digital Games G-course,
T-course, TI-course
Digital Journalism and Media

G-course, S-course

Electrical Engineering (Deutz) T-course, TI-course
Electrical Engineering (Gummersbach) T-course, TI-course
Energy and Building Services Engineering T-course, TI-course
Film G-course
W-course, WW-course
General Mechanical Engineering T-course, TI-course
Integrated Design G-course
International Business W-course, WW-course
IT Management (Computer Science) T-course, TI-course
Library Studies and Digital Communication G-course,
W-course, WW-course
Logistics W-course, WW-course
Mechanical Engineering T-course, TI-course
Mechanical Engineering - Product Engineering and Context T-course, TI-course
Media Informatics T-course, TI-course
Media Technology T-course, TI-course
Multilingual Communication S-course, SW-course
Pedagogy in Childhood and Family Education G-course, W-course,
Pharmaceutical Chemistry M-course,
T-course, TI-course
Production and Logistics T-course, TI-course,
W-course, WW-course
Renewable Energy T-course, TI-course
Rescue Engineering T-course, TI-course
Risk and Insurance W-course, WW-course
Social Work W-course, SW-course
Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems G-course
T-course, TI-course
Vehicle Development T-course, TI-course

Studienkollegs at German universities

International students come from different cultures and bring along different biographies of learning. At a Studienkolleg they come together to work on the professional and cultural requirements for a successful course of studies in Germany. In this way the Studienkolleg functions as a bridge between the educational system at home and the German academic culture. The Studienkolleg organises and promotes the learning processes needed for a successful course of studies.