Eine Studentin im Treppenhaus der Claudiusstraße (Image: Costa Belibasakis/FH Köln)


Have you received your Letter of Admission? This page will provide you with important information on the enrollment process.

Enrolling at TH Köln is only possible if you have submitted an application for admission through TH Köln's campus management system (CaMS) and have been offered admission. You will receive your Letter of Admission through CaMS. It will provide information on the enrollment deadline and the documents required for your enrollment. As soon as you have received your Letter of Admission, you may start the online enrollment process in CaMS and upload your enrollment documents. Information on the payment of your semester fees is also provided during the online enrollment. 

Student who are offered admission to a higher semester (advanced standing) will enroll in writing, i.e. by mail. Details are provided in your Letter of Admission.

Processing times for enrollments is usually around two weeks. Do note that only students who meet all enrollment requirements can be enrolled. Also, certain circumstances, such as a permantly failed examination in the same or a similar program, can prevent students from enrolling.

What happens after my enrollment?

Once you have been enrolled, you will two of TH Köln's institutions will get in touch with you:

1) Campus IT

Once you are enrolled TH Köln's Campus IT service will send you an email with your username for your personal university account (called campusID) to the email address you provided when you applied to TH Köln.

Please use your campusID to activate your personal email account, which TH Köln will use in the future to communicate with you. Do note that you are required to check the inbox of this email adress regularly to ensure you receive important information on your studies. Your campusID gives you access to numerous IT services at TH Köln, such as PSSO and CaMS.

2) Student and Examination Services

You will receive your student ID card, called MultiCa by mail.
In the same mail you will receive your initial TANs which you need to access TH Köln's Online Examination and Student Services (PSSO). You already received your PSSO login information from our Campus IT service by email.

You already created an account for our campus management system (CaMS) for your application. However, now that you are enrolled as a student at TH Köln, you will use your CampusID to sign in to CaMS. 

The services provided in the Online Examination and Student Services (PSSO) and CaMS are essential for your studies, for example, to register for exams. Please make sure to carefully read the information on PSSO and CaMS.

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