In der Fakultät für Angewandte Naturwissenschaften (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/FH Köln)

Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences currently offers undergraduate programs – Bachelor of Science, B. Sc. – in Applied Chemistry and in Pharmaceutical Chemistry as well as graduate programs - Master of Science, M. Sc. - in Applied Chemistry and in Drug Discovery and Development:

  • Applied Chemistry (Bachelor of Science): The objective of the faculty is to provide the chemical industry with qualified technical chemists who are able to turn lab chemistry into efficient, sustainable and environmentally compatible chemical processes by applying state of the art techniques.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Bachelor of Science): The faculty trains pharmaceutical chemists with a strong focus on the processes of drug discovery and development. Graduates are skilled to work in various areas of the pharmaceutical value chain.
  • Applied Chemistry (Master of Science): If you want to excel in chemistry, you need more than the required know-how. You have to be able to trust your personal and methodological competence along with the ability to focus on projects and processes.
  • Drug Discovery and Development (Master of Science): The Master's program offers an excellent opportunity to obtain a degree in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. The program is jointly offered by TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences and the University of Cologne.

The faculty of applied natural sciences is located in the CHEMPARK in Leverkusen, which is one of the largest chemical parks in Europe. Global players from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, such as Bayer and LANXESS, are located there. Thanks to this proximity, our students are immersed in a professional environment right from the beginning and usually gain an insight into the work of these companies through various projects.