Incomings (Image: Michael Schuff)


If you are from abroad and intend to obtain a degree at TH Köln or if you are among the large number of exchange students coming to our university each year, you will find everything you will need to know on these pages.

Before and upon your arrival in Cologne, you will in all likelihood have plenty of questions and things to take care of: How do I obtain a visa or residence permit? Will my degree from my home country be fully recognized in Germany or should I visit Cologne Prep Class instead? Which courses can I take as an exchange student? Make sure to thoroughly surf our website for detailed answers to your questions as well as useful hints and advice.

It goes without saying that we are also happy to advise and support you in person. Please see our contact page to find out who to contact for your inquiry, come visit us at the International Office on your campus or just give us a call.