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Internship Abroad with Erasmus+

Erasmus+ does not only promote academic stays at European partner universities but also gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences abroad by offering monthly grants for internships. Doing an internship abroad will enable students to enhance key skills such as communication and cooperation skills, openness as well as knowledge of the ins and outs of a foreign labor market.

Prerequisites for applying for an Erasmus+ internship:

  • Enrollment at TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences
  • An internship position in one of the 28 EU member states or in Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Turkey
  • Traineeship duration of a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months
  • Full-time traineeship of at least 35 hours per week for internships in France and 37 hours per week for internships in other countries.
  • Adequate professional relevance of the internship for the student’s degree program
  • Funding can only be given to students for stays abroad in a program country that is not the country of the sending university and is not their main country of residence at the time the grant agreement is signed.

  • Graduate Internships – previously implemented through the Leonardo da Vinci Program – are now part of the ERASMUS+ program. As a result, ERASMUS+ will be able to support internships up to one year after graduation of a study cycle. The same prerequisites apply to graduate traineeships. However, candidates are required to apply for the program within the last semester of the degree program.

How do I apply for an internship abroad with Erasmus+?

Please submit all of the following application documents at the latest eight weeks prior to the beginning of the traineeship. In exceptional cases, we will examine whether an application submitted after this deadline is possible.

  • Learning Agreement for Internships bearing a confirmation of the internship by your employer and your faculty. Please note that only complete training agreements can be accepted.
  • Grant Agreement - The Department of International Affairs will mail this document to you once you have submitted all application documents. Prior to the traineeship, please make sure that you have taken out adequate insurance (health, accident and liability insurance), as this has to be attested to in the Grant Agreement.
  • Letter of motivation including your reasons for having chosen your traineeship. This letter should make reference to your academic discipline and your future professional career.
  • Signed CV/résumé
  • Certificate(s) of enrollment. Certificates of enrollment for the timeframe of the traineeship may be handed in at a later point in time if you are not in possession of them at the time of your application.
  • Up-to-date transcript of records
  • The following applies to applicants for Graduate Traineeships: Graduates have to be removed from the register of students for the duration of the traineeship and are required to submit a corresponding confirmation (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) or their diploma. Alternatively, a confirmation by the university that all examinations have been passed is accepted as well.


You will receive 80 percent of your grant at the beginning of your traineeship; the remaining 20 percent will be paid once you have completed your traineeship and have handed in all required documents and reports.

For the mobility year 2020/21, the monthly scholarship rate will be determined by the country of your stay. The following rates apply:

  • Group of countries 1:  UK, FI, SE, DK, IE, NO, LI, IS, LU

Monthly rate = 555 euros

  • Group of countries 2:  FR, IT, ES, DE, NL, BE, PT, GR, CY, MT, AT 

Monthly rate = 495 euros

  • Group of countries 3:  PL, RO, HU, LT, SK, BG, LV, EE, HR, SI, CZ, TR

Monthly rate = 435 euros

One month equals 30 days. A mobility of 3 months and 10 days will for instance be reported as an aggregate mobility of 100 days and will be funded as such.

Additional funding for students with children and/or special needs

In order to warrant equal opportunities, handicapped students – students with a degree of disability of 50 percent or higher – as well as students with special needs, such as students with children may request complementary funding to cover their additional needs. For detailed information, please contact Ms. Alice Herma.

Extending your stay abroad

It is generally possible for you to extend your traineeship as long as the duration of the traineeship does not exceed 12 months. You are required to request each extension of your traineeship with Ms. Alice Herma at least four weeks prior to the end of the originally scheduled end of your traineeship.

Language proficiency

All mobilities will require a mandatory online language test as of October 1, 2014 to assess your language skills. The International Office will forward you detailed information following your selection.

The International Office will continue to fund courses for “less widely spoken languages” – languages other than English, French, Spanish, Italian and German that used to be covered by the Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) – with a fixed amount of 200 euros.
If you participate in a language course abroad prior to your mobility, the duration of this course may be included in your mobility period. To do so, you will need to provide us with a confirmation of having successfully completed the course.

After the Mobility

Please submit the following documents at the latest four weeks after the end of your traineeship:

  • Traineeship Certificate on the Learning Agreement or the original copy of your employer’s letter of reference
  • Detailed final report as PDF-file
  • All students who have participated in an Erasmus+ mobility are required to fill out the EU Online Survey following their mobility. You will automatically be sent the link to the survey once you have completed your traineeship.