Martina Brüderle

Martina Brüderle

Hochschulreferat Internationale Angelegenheiten

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Incoming Staff and Scholars

The International Scholar Services are your first point of contact for your stay at TH Köln. We provide advice on all matters that need to be taken care of. We will be happy to answer your questions related to your planned stay at TH Köln or help with questions related to life on our campuses in Cologne, Gummersbach or Leverkusen.

TH Köln appreciates international guests opting for a stay at our university. Your stay is an important contribution to internationalizing the university. That is why it is it important to us that you feel comfortable during your stay at the university and can completely concentrate on your work.

Before we can give you advice about all the details of your plan, please make sure that you have an invitation from a professor or a mentor.

Requirements for a guest stay at TH Köln

The requirement for a stay as a guest scholar (guest professor, staff member or exchange doctoral candidate) is that a mentor in a faculty, a central institution or an administration unit is willing to host you for the duration of your stay at TH Köln and to mentor you. This person must invite you with an official invitation letter. The duration, purpose and financing of your stay should be clarified in advance with the mentor.

If you come to us within the framework of Erasmus+ lecturer mobility, an Erasmus+ cooperation agreement between your home university and TH Köln must exist or be concluded. Furthermore, an Erasmus+ mobility agreement for teaching purposes must be concluded.

For an Erasmus+ staff mobility for further education and training purposes, an Erasmus+ mobility agreement must first be concluded - a cooperation agreement is not required. Your home university will provide you with the respective agreements together with the documents for the Erasmus+ funding.

Please be advised that TH Köln usually cannot assume any costs of your guest stay. It can only provide access to the university’s workplace infrastructure. There are exceptions for DAAD guest lecturers or other exchange programs within the framework of procured subsidies to enable mobility for teaching and research purposes.

Do you already have a host and will teach and research at TH Köln as a guest scholar?

If you have already received an invitation letter, we ask you to fill out the following form: Registration for a stay as a guest scholar at TH Köln.

Other useful information for preparation: Before your Stay.

Are you interested in a stay but have yet to find a host?

Would you like to teach and research for a limited time as a guest at TH Köln or visit our university within the framework of an Erasmus+ staff or lecturer mobility, but have not found a host yet?

If so, please send us your inquiry by email providing the following information and documents: 

  • Name, home institution, discipline
  • The desired period of time for your stay
  • Your CV
  • Description of your intended teaching or research project during the guest stay (max. 1 Din A4 page)
  • For exchange doctoral candidates, also a synopsis/ abstract of the project plan for your doctorate

Please send your inquiry to

We will then attempt to forward your request to the responsible faculties to find a host. If you have already identified someone who teaches and researches in a related field, please share this information with us. This facilitates a targeted forwarding of your request.

Martina Brüderle

Martina Brüderle

Hochschulreferat Internationale Angelegenheiten