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Prof. Dr. Sylvia Heuchemer

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Heuchemer


  • Campus Südstadt
    Claudiusstraße 1
    50678 Köln
  • Room F3.239
  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3431

Teaching and Learning Culture

Benefitting from diversity, and developing competencies

Studying at TH Köln/University of Applied Sciences is learning through projects that awaken students’ curiosity and stimulate sustainable learning processes. Through research- and problem-based as well as project-oriented learning, students gain insight into scenarios that potentially reflect situations of their future professional life. Recognizing great potential in diversity TH Köln has shifted focus from teaching to learning and strives for excellence through diversity.

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Academic teaching reconceived

The Team Academic Development is your first point of contact in matters of high-quality teaching. Whether you need support with your teaching projects, seek to exchange views with colleagues, or want to stay informed about the latest trends in research, we offer expert advice through individual consultations and a broad range of further education programs tailored to your needs. Show more

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Coaching program for newly appointed professors

The coaching program for professors who are new to TH Köln supports them in developing their own teaching approach. Individual coaching sessions, workshops and a teaching portfolio are designed to complement each other perfectly in order for teaching staff to gain knowledge of current educational research and teaching trends. This coaching will enable you to develop and refine your own ideas and advance your professional competence. Show more

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Teaching with Media

Electronic media are increasingly shaping teaching. Integrated into teaching methodology, they can provide answers to different questions and strengthen contact with students, which is a crucial element in learning processes. Show more

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Research about teaching and learning in higher education

What can and should higher education institutions know about their core activities? How do they acquire this knowledge and how is it translated into the institutional development of teaching and learning? Self-awareness as an educational institution and effective quality management are made possible by seeking out teachers’ and students’ perspectives. Show more