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Welcome to TH Köln

You have taken refuge in Germany? And you would like to begin your studies at TH Köln? Here you will find everything about the necessary requirements and the application procedure. In addition, there are special offers that make it easier for refugees to begin their studies.

University Access and Studying in Germany / at TH Köln

Educational guidance for young immigrants

The “Bildungsberatung Garantiefonds Hochschule” (GF-H) (University Educational Guidance Guarantee Fund) supports young immigrants to prepare to pursue university studies in Germany. Refugees and late resettlers have the opportunity to apply to the GF-H Bildungsberatung service (educational advice service) for acceptance onto a sponsorship programme, in accordance with the “Richtlinien Garantiefonds Hochschulbereich – RL-GF-H” (regulations of the University Guarantee Fund).

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Information for refugees wishing to study in NRW

Education and research know no borders. That is why the Education and Science Ministry and NRW colleges and universities support refugees who want to study in North Rhine-Westphalia. This website will help you find the information you need. In addition to general information, it includes the phone numbers and addresses of the responsible advisors at the colleges and universities.

Refugees at Higher Education Institutions

Information provided by the German Academic Exchange Service on various programs and measures offered with universities and partner organizations to support the integration of refugees at German universities.

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DAAD: Study in Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has compiled important information for refugees on the subject of "Studying in Germany". They are available in German and English. FAQs are also available in Arabic, Urdu, Pashtu and Dari.

Alternatives to Studying & Qualification Programs

Educational guidance for young immigrants

"NRWege ins Studium" - Integration in North Rhine-Westphalia

30 universities are involved in a wide range of measures in the "NRWege ins Studium" program, which has been funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2017. Pre-study language courses, counseling and support during studies as well as scholarships to finance living expenses provide comprehensive support and ensure academic success.

Programme 'Mathematics for Refugees'

The University of Cologne wants to give refugees a successful start to their studies. One of the numerous offers is the project "Mathematicsfor Refugees". Within this framework, the University of Cologne offers a weekly mathematics course to provide preliminary knowledge for studying. In addition, a programming course is also offered to introduce students to programming with Java.

Kiron Campus

Kiron Campus is a free online learning platform for refugees worldwide. In addition to language courses, you can further your education in many areas and network with the large, worldwide community.

Competence Center Education and Employment for Migrants in Cologne

KoBAM supports migrants in entering training and employment.

IQ NRW - OnTOP|OBS Qualification measure "Occupational intercultural job coaching"

The qualification measure includes intercultural labor market coaching for immigrant teachers and engineers with teaching experience in the STEM field or for specialists in the field of business administration.

Language Skills / Learning German

Lernsitiuation, auf dem Tisch ein Wörterbuch  (Image: Costa Belibasakis/FH Köln)

German language courses

A prerequisite for acceptance into German-taught programs is the ability to demonstrate a sufficient command of the German language. Our language center offers language courses in “German as a foreign language” and a preparatory German language course for the German language examination for university entrance (DSH).

Logo Crossborders (Image: Crossborders)

Crossborders Köln

Crossborders Köln is an initiative of students of TH Köln, which tries to reduce the language barrier for refugees. The aim is to teach German to refugees in Cologne in a non-traditional way, thus overcoming the first integration difficulties and borders and offering a change in everyday life. The aim of the courses is to impart German language practice in a playful way and thus make fun for both

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Conn[ɛ]ction Cologne e. V.

Conn[ɛ]ction Cologne e. V. aims to increase the opportunities for refugees to participate in social life. Since linguistic understanding is an important prerequisite for this, Conn[ɛ]ction Köln e. V. provides voluntary language support.

Financing Options / Working in Germany

Educational Loan of the Federal Government

Information on the Federal Government's Educational Loan Program - Financial Support for Training and Studies can be found on the website of the Bundesverwaltungsamt (BVA).

Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst - Scholarship for Refugees

The scholarship of the Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst is aimed at students with refugee experience who are studying at German universities.

Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt)

Brot für die Welt awards scholarships to women who seek protection in Germany because they are persecuted or threatened in their country of origin for political, religious or ethnic reasons. Often the flight means an involuntary interruption of studies and accompanying deterioration of future prospects. This scholarship is intended to give refugee women in particular the opportunity to continue or take up their studies in Germany.

StipendiumPlus - Scholarships

StipendiumPlus' scholarship opportunities are for German students as well as EU students and other international students who are entitled to permanent residence in Germany within the meaning of Article 8 Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). The applicant student must be enrolled at a public or state-recognized institution of higher education in Germany.


The model project Fem.OS supports the social and professional integration of migrant women in Germany.

Living in Germany / in Cologne

Logo Ankommen (Image: Ankommen)


A guide for your first weeks in Germany. Understanding how Germany works is the basis for getting on well together. Everyone has the same obligations and has to obey German laws. But everyone has the same rights too. In this app you get to know the rules of this country and learn what you have to pay attention to. Try it! And start right now...

Handbook Germany

The central information platform for all newcomers to Germany. Here you will find the most important information you need to get started in your new home. In videos and texts you will find answers to your questions about living in Germany with important tips on asylum, housing, health, work and education, as well as on daycare, studies and much more - available in seven languages: German, Farsi, E

Guidance for adult immigrants

The immigration counseling for adult immigrants will be of assistance with questions in regards to learning German, school and profession, accommodation, health as well as family and education.

GiB - Sport with Refugees in Cologne

Grenzenlos in Bewegung - GiB for short - is an initiative of the Sporthochschule Köln that promotes sports and exchange with refugees.

Help and Advice

Deutsches Studentenwerk - Information for International Students

International students will find important information about studying in Germany on the website of the Deutsches Studentenwerk, the umbrella organization of student services in Germany.

Refugee Law Clinic Cologne

Among other things, the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne provides free, student-run legal counseling for refugees.

Backpack - Universal Tool for Academic Mobility

Backpack is a UC Davis (California) application where refugee students and scholars can upload their documents to prove their academic record.

Violence against Women Support Hotline

The Violence against Women Support Hotline - support for women in distress. Affected persons can get anonymous, competent, safe and barrier-free advice at any time.

Violence against Women: Support

The pages of the Frauenhaus-Koordinierung e.V. (FHK) provide specialized information, especially for employees of women's shelters or specialized counseling centers and other specialized personnel.

bff: Women against Violence

Among other services, bff: Women against Violence provides a search engine that will show you suitable support services in your area.

Women's Information Network against Violence

The Women's Info Network against Violence offers important information on support services for women affected by violence as well as an overview of available places in women's shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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