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Support for refugees from Ukraine

Russia's attack on Ukraine in violation of international law goes on since February 2022 and continues to claim civilian lives and force hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. Since then, TH Köln has contributed its part to help, focusing on measures to support university staff in the country in particular - teachers, staff, students and researchers.

So far, TH Köln was able to directly support numerous refugees from Ukraine with scholarships, courses of studies and preparatory German courses. The refugees are Ukrainians and third-country nationals who studied in Ukraine before the war. The range of support has also been expanded including research projects in which students and pupils from Ukraine participate.

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Offers and Initiatives of TH Köln

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Scholarships for Ukrainian students

Ukrainian students of TH Köln, who are facing financial hardship due to the war in Ukraine, can apply for a scholarship of up to 934 EUR per month.

Information for students and scientists

Information on study, residence and everyday life in Germany

The DAAD bundles information for Ukrainian students and researchers on residence, university admission, study and research, and everyday life in Germany. The information is available in German and English, the Ukrainian language version is constantly being expanded.

Handbook Germany

Handbook Germany offers important information on entry and residence for Ukrainians in English, Ukrainian, Russian and German.

School, higher education, vocational training: information for refugees from Ukraine

If you have been forced to flee Ukraine, you are sure to have a lot of questions and need support. This page contains many links to help answer your questions about schools, vocational training, higher education, work and the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

Fundings & Programmes

Researchers who have to leave their home countries due to significant danger and threat can receive fundings for their work in Germany. Find here an overview of different programmes and offers.


Central information source of the European Union for refugee scientists from Ukraine.

Information for Ukrainian refugees

An overview of important anwers to questions, services and relief for refugees from Ukraine provided by cities and districts in the region.

Humboldt Foundation launches package of measures

Scholars at Risk stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

DAAD appalled by Russian attack on Ukraine

You would like to help?

You would like to donate?

The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has published a donation info "Emergency Aid Ukraine" with accounts and tips for safe donations.


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