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Dr. Mirjam Berg


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"NRWege ins Studium“ Grant Program

Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/ TH Köln)

Students with a refugee background can apply for the “NRWege ins Studium” grant program. The Language Learning Center awards grants funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

What types of grants are available?

Full grant Partial grant (merit-based) as a supplement e.g. to BAföG
Funding amount up to €934 per month
for a maximum period of one year 
up to €300 per month
for a maximum period of one year 
Application requirements see below

see below

additionally: above-average academic performance
Application deadline June 15 / December 15 June 15 / December 15
Selection process within 4 weeks after the application deadline within 4 weeks after the application deadline
Start of funding period March 1 / September 1 March 1 / September 1

Who can apply for a grant?

You can apply for a grant under the following conditions:

  • You are enrolled in a full-time degree program at TH Köln.
  •  Based on your previous educational background you are expected to successfully complete your studies.
  • You provide proof of a refugee background in accordance with the “NRWege ins Studium” program.
  • You haven't received German citizenship yet.
  • You have obtained your university entrance qualification abroad.
  • You cannot finance your studies in any other way, i.e. your monthly income is less than €1,234.
  • You provide evidence that you have applied for BAföG. (Please note: A full grant can only be awarded if you prove by the end of the application deadline that your BAföG application has been rejected. A partial grant can also be awarded as a supplement to BAföG.)
  • You submit a letter of motivation in which you describe your interest in studying and explain why you need financial support through a grant of the NRWege program.
  •  You are prepared to provide proof of your study results achieved so far.
  •  You are prepared to provide the data required for the NRWege Grant Program and to participate in surveys /studies.
  • You are prepared to participate in language courses and workshops offered by TH Köln.
  • You are prepared to regularly use counselling services and to actively engage in the program.

Additional requirement if you apply for a follow-up grant or submit your first application from the 4th semester onwards:

  • You have to submit a letter of recommendation written by a professor confirming your personal and academic eligibility for the grant.

What application documents do I have to submit?

  • completed application form with your tax-ID and your tax office information

In addition to the online application form, please submit the following documents via email:

  • letter of motivation (maximum two pages, approximately 600 words)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • admission letter for a course of studies and/or enrolment certificate from the TH Köln (to be submitted by March 15th for the summer semester and by September 15th for the winter semester at the latest)
  • proof of academic achievements: current transcript of records indicating your average grade
  • proof of refugee background: copy of your passport/ID card and residence permit with your personal information
  • proof of German language skills: language certificates from language courses taken before and/or during your studies
  • BAföG: Notification of receipt or rejection (without a certificate from the BAföG office, we cannot effect payment of a grant) 
  • list of your financial requirements and bank account statements from the last three months
  • proof of receipt of state benefits and/or public funds or grants

Additional application documents if you apply for a follow-up grant or submit your first application from the 4th semester onwards:

  • letter of recommendation (sent directly to Dr. Mirjam Berg by your professor)
  • certificate of study progress ("Übersicht über den Studienverlauf") issued by the Office of Student and Examination Services, contains information on achieved ECTS credits, the overall study progress and the expected completion of the degree program
  • if applicable: A copy of the registration for the final thesis from the examination office
  • optional: proof of extracurricular skills and social engagement
  • optional: proof that you have attended a study orientation consultation at the Central Academic Advising Office

Please send all application documents via email (maximum 2 PDF files) to Dr. Mirjam Berg:

Only complete application documents will be considered in the selection process and evaluated by the selection committee.

What happens after I submitted my application?

After expiration of the application deadline, a selection committee will evaluate all grant applications.

A funding decision will be made based on the submitted documents and a personal interview/conversation via Zoom. Selection criteria include good academic performance, motivation, indigence as well as the probability of academic success.

Please note that there is no entitlement to receive a grant.

What happens after I received an acceptance letter for the grant?

Upon successful application, a grant agreement will be signed between the grant holder and the Language Learning Center. With their signature, grant holders agree that they 

  • provide proof of academic achievements completed within the funding period no later than two months after the completion of the grant,
  • have an obligation to report and cooperate in all matters relevant to the grant,
  • are liable to repay the grant if they fail to achieve the goals pursued with the grant due to gross negligence or intent.

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Dr. Mirjam Berg

Dr. Mirjam Berg


  • Campus Deutz
    Betzdorfer Straße 2
    50679 Köln
  • Room ZN 3-11
  • Phone: +49 221-8275-4261