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Admission requirements

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You are a student from abroad and are interested in studying at TH Köln. On this webpage, we would like to give you an overview of the admission requirements.

Am I eligible to study in Germany?

Education systems around the globe vary quite greatly. That is why the requirements a prospective student needs to meet in order to study in Germany are different for each country. Our partner institution uni-assist reviews whether your secondary-school degree from your home country is recognized as Higher Education Entrance Qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung – HZB) in Germany. However, you can inform yourself in advance via the   the database  anabin. Please note that the anabin database is only available in German.
Should you require the information in English, you can find further
information on the DAAD website.

You are also welcome to visit the Deparment of International Affairs on one of our three campuses. When planning a visit, we ask you to take note of our Opening Hours.

Required Language Skills

Most programs at TH Köln - in particular at the Bachelor's level - are taught in German. You are therefore required to have an excellent command of the German language to successfully master your studies. Please see our information on German Language Skills for an in-detail overview of the German level needed for your program.

For study programs taught entirely in English you usually do not need any knowledge of German. Please inform yourself about the different language requirements on the "How to apply" pages of the respective degree programmes.

Special Admission Requirements

Some of our degree programs have special admission requirements, such as particular foreign language skills, the completion of an internship or having passed an aptitude test. Please make sure to inform yourself on these requirements online by visiting our Programs.

Aptitute Tests

For admission to the following degree programs you will have to register for an aptitude test with the respective faculty where your program will be taught:

For the following degree programs you will have to register for the aptitude test with your uni-assist application:

Please be aware that most application deadline for the aptitute tests are scheduled much earlier than the application deadline for the degree program. The dates and application deadline for the aptitue tests can be found in the admission requirements on the program overview.