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Team International Degree Seeking Students

Team International Degree-Seeking Students


Deutz Campus

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  • Phone: +49 221-8275-2910

Gummersbach Campus

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Südstadt Campus

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Admission Requirements for Degree-Seeking Students

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School systems around the globe vary widely from country to country. It is therefore necessary to check whether you may study in Germany with the certificates that you currently hold. The Department of International Affairs can assist you in understanding the admission requirements you must meet.

May I study in Germany?

Your secondary school-leaving certificate or your previous studies must entitle you to study in Germany. In the database anabin – the information portal for foreign educational qualifications – you can check the admission requirements. Please note, however, that this database is currently only available in German.

I just finished school.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Schulabschlüsse mit Hochschulzugang
  • Suchen >> Land wählen (Please choose the country of your school leaving certificate.)
  • Click on your school-leaving certificate 

Read carefully whether and under what conditions this school-leaving certificate entitles you to study.

I already studied at a university.

If you already have a degree from abroad, please also check whether your university is recognised.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Institution
  • Suchen >> Land wählen (Please choose the country where you have obtained your university degree.)
  • Click on your university
  • Result: H+ = recognised; H- = not recognised; H+/- = the status is unclear and will be checked during the application process.

Should the result be „Feststellungsprüfung/Studienkolleg“, please read the information on preparatory courses.  

Note: The information on anabin is non-binding and subject to the official examination during the application process.

Do I have the necessary language skills?

For most German-taught study programs, you must prove a German level of at least C1 at the time of application. Check the German certificates accepted by TH Köln.

For English-taught study programs, you must prove that you have the appropriate knowledge of English. You will find information on this topic on the page of the respective study program in the section "How to Apply".

Are there other admission requirements?

Additional admission requirements may apply for some study programs, such as:

  • Proof of additional foreign language skills
  • Proof of a pre-study internship
  • Proof of professional experience prior to the study start
  • Passing of an aptitude test

Check your program page early. Registration deadlines for aptitude tests may be earlier than the actual application deadline.

Check requirements for your program

  • Find your desired study program at the link above
  • Click on “How to Apply” (If the category "How to Apply" does not exist, please refer to the German website and click on "Bewerbung")

Should you have questions about the application or the admission, please contact the Team International Degree-Seeking Students.