Applications for a second degree program ("Zweitstudium")

The following information is relevant for all prospective students who want to apply to a program with restricted admission and who have already graduated from a program at the same level. The regulations mentioned below are irrelevant when applying to a program with unrestricted admission.

Who is considered an applicant for a second degree program ('Zweitstudienbewerber')?

For Bachelor's programs:
All applicants who, on the day of the application deadline, hold a Bachelor's degree from a German state or state-recognized institution of higher education. State or state-recognized institutions include universities, comprehensive universities ('Gesamthochschule') or universities of applied sciences ('Fachhochschule'), but not universities of cooperative education ('Berufsakademie')).

For Master's programs:
Applicants who hold a Master's degree from a German institution of higher education.

When and how can I submit an application?

To start the applications process, you are required to submit an application through our online platform by the application deadline. Please note that an online application alone is not sufficient.

Once you have submitted your online application you will be asked to submit a copy of your diploma/certificate of your first degree as well as a written explanation why you want to enroll in a second degree program. Please make sure to meet the application deadline. Additional information will be provided during and after you online application.

What are my chances of admission?

The criteria for the allocation of places reserved are the "final grade of the first degree program" and "reasons for applying for a second degree program." Points are awarded for each criterion.

Points for the final grade of the first degree program are distributed as follows:

  • for grades "ausgezeichnet" and "sehr gut" ("excellent/very good") - 4 points
  • for grades "gut" and "vollbefriedigend" ("good/fully satisfactory") - 3 points
  • for grade "befriedigend" ("satisfactory") - 2 points
  • for grade "ausreichend" ("sufficient") - 1 point
  • 1 point will be awarded if no evidence for the final grade of the first degree program is submitted.

Points for the reasons for applying for a second degree program are distributed as follows:

  • Urgent professional reasons - 7 points
    Urgent professional reasons significantly improve the applicant’s professional situation due to the fact that the second degree program complements the first degree. An objective connection between the contents of the first degree program and the desired second degree program must be pointed out. The following points must be addressed when explaining how the second degree program complements the first degree: Which prerequisites for the applicant's professional goal have been met during his/her professional career (e.g. during the first degree program) so far? Which prerequisites for the applicant's professional goal will be met by obtaining a second degree? If the inherent goal of a second degree is merely to change careers, urgent professional reasons do not apply.
  •  Other professional reasons - 4 points
    If professional reasons other than those mentioned above support an application for a second degree program, these are considered 'other professional reasons' An individual and detailed explanation is to be supplied.
  • None of the reasons mentioned above - 1 point

If the second degree program is to facilitate reintegration into employment or finding new employment after a family phase, up to 2 additional points may be allocated. These points are awarded independently of the criteria mentioned above. These additional points may be awarded if due to family (e.g. to take care of relatives or raise children) matters the applicant discontinued his/her former employment or could not take up adequate employment after graduating from the first degree program. The number of additional points allocated depends on the degree of affectedness. Factors such as the number of children or length of the family phase are to be appropriately considered.

Points will not accumulate if more than one reason applies. Points are allocated based on the most favorable scenario. However, additional points for applicants who have postponed their application for second degree program due to family reasons are allocated on top.

Points allocated for the first degree and for the reasons for applying are added up. Applicants will be ranked according to the sum of points allocated. Applicants with more points will be ranked higher than those with fewer points.