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Frauke Schmidt

Frauke Schmidt

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Studentinnen der Restaurierungswissenschaften analysieren historische Textilien  (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/TH Köln)


Research-intensive and international
TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences is a research-intensive university actively engaging in a variety of research activities. We cooperate with universities and other research institutions on a national and international level, as state-of-the-art research thrives on the exchange of expertise transcending institutional and geographic borders.

Application-oriented and interdisciplinary
Climate change, scarce resources, safety issues and demographic change are some of the major challenges mankind will be facing in the coming decades. In their application-oriented and interdisciplinary projects, TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences’ experienced researchers try to solve these ‘great challenges’ and actively contribute to the advancement of science, the economy and society.

Regulations for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

These regulations - published in 2020 - define the basic principles of the TH Köln to ensure good scientific practice and for handling accusations of scientific misconduct. They apply to all members of the TH Köln involved in research and teaching, all students, doctoral candidates and postdocs and also to members of the non-scientific staff who work in scientific departments or research projects.