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Office of Student and Examination Services
Questions on PSSO? Please contact your Office of Student and Examination Services.

Please state your student ID and faculty each time you contact the Office of Student Services.

Campus IT

If you need to request a new password or initial access to PSSO, please contact TH Köln's Campus IT.

PSSO: Online Examination and Student Services

TH Köln's Online Examination and Student Services (PSSO) offer students a possibility to organize administrative matters online 24/7. Student services are available to all students, some exceptions apply for examination services.

General Information

PSSO is a service offered TH Köln's student administration. The system comprises a large range of self-service functions related to student and examination matters.

Students can update their personal information, such as address or phone number, online or print their academic records at home. Additionally, they can register for (or if necessary withdraw from) examinations via PSSO. 

PSSO includes the following components:

1. Student services

The student services section offers the possibilty to update contact information and print Certificates of Enrollment as well as BAföG Certificates.

Authorities, insitutions, companies or individuals who have received such a document can verify its authenticity online:

Verification of certificates

2. Examination services (for students)

Students can use this feature to print academic records and check their examination results (some exceptions apply). Students are required to register for examinations (and if necessary withdraw) using PSSO. Additionally, PSSO offers the possibilty to verify for which examinations a student has suggessfully registered. 

PSSO Login

Who can use PSSO?

Our online examination services are available to virtually all students (exceptions are listed below); student services are available to all students already. Currently, only exchange students enrolled in programs offered by faculties 4 and 5 can use PSSO.

Students enrolled in one of the following programs cannot register for examinations via PSSO:

  • Integrated Design and European Studies in Design (Bachelor's and Master's programs)
  • Game Development and Research (Master's program)

Password / initial access to PSSO

Students can access PSSO with their campusID once they have activated their campusID account.

If you need to request a new password or initial access information for PSSO, please contact TH Köln’s Campus IT. Please note that you are required to file this request in person. You will be asked to present a valid photo ID. You will then receive your your new user name and password.

Please note that access information will always be sent to you by mail.