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Office of Student and Examination Services
Questions on PSSO? Please contact your Office of Student and Examination Services.

Please state your student ID and faculty each time you contact the Office of Student Services.

Campus IT

If you need to request a new password or initial access to PSSO, please contact TH Köln's Campus IT.

PSSO: Online Examination and Student Services

TH Köln's Online Examination and Student Services (PSSO) is an online platform with a range of self-service features related to student and examination matters.

Information for students

You can use PSSO to update your contact information online, (de)register for examinations and print academic records and other certificates at home, without contacting the Office of Student Services. 
With few exceptions, PSSO is available to almost all students at TH Köln.

PSSO consists of the following components:

1. Student services 

The student services section (in PSSO called 'Administration of study') offers the possibilty to update your contact information and to check an overview of your fees. You may also download and print certificates of enrollment as well as BAföG certificates.

Insitutions or individuals who have received such a document can verify its authenticity online:

Verification of certificates

2. Examination services

Use the examinatoin services section (in PSSO called 'Administration of exams') to register for and deregister from an exam and to verify that you are properly registered for an exam. You also receive information on exams that you have registered for and have the option to print a transcript of records. 

PSSO login

Information for teaching staff and examiners

With PSSO, examiners can enter results of examinations and coursework into the examination adminstration system themselves and generate grade overview reports. 

The following features are available:

1. Overview of exam registrations

Information such as the number of students currently registered for an exam can be helpful when preparing an exam. It helps determining what room size is required for written exams or how much time is needed for individual exams.

2. Entering grades and results

PSSO facilitates and accelerates the transmission of exam results. Once you have entered the grades into the system, you can generate a PDF file listing all grades/results and send it to the Office of Examination Services by email. 
To do so, please use the document "Notenliste für das Prüfungsamt" (grade report for the examinations office) which is available in the "Grade listing" section. Your signature is not required and you do not need to submit a paper copy of the grade report.

Password / initial access to PSSO

Students can access PSSO with their campusID once they have activated their campusID account.

If you need to request a new password or initial access information for PSSO, please contact TH Köln’s Campus IT. Please note that you are required to file this request in person. You will be asked to present a valid photo ID. You will then receive your your new user name and password.

Examiners and teaching staff should contact the responsible Office of Examination Services to request a username and password for PSSO.