Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

+Can I print my SemesterTicket NRW on PSSO?

The SemesterTicket NRW cannot be printed or issued via PSSO.

Please visit the website of the General Students’ Committee (AStA) for further information and for a link to the generation website of the SemesterTicket NRW.

+When are examination results updated on PSSO?

Grades displayed on PSSO are transferred from TH Köln’s examination management system. Our staff enters grades into the system once the examiners have forwarded them to the Office of Student and Examination Services.

The point of time at which this happens depends on the workflow and workload. As soon as the results have been entered into the system, they are also accessible on PSSO. On weekends and after 5 pm, the Office of Examination Services normally does not enter any grades.

+What happens if I lose my password or TAN list?

More information about recieving a new password or a substitute TAN list can be found here:


Due to server maintenance, PSSO is not accessible for half an hour a day between 3:30 and 4:15 am as well as Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:00 pm.

+Why does PSSO not accept my information?

If you enter information, click on the button and do not receive an error message but the information entered in the fields is deleted, you will probably not have activated the cookies for this page.
You can allow cookies for in your web browser anytime or change cookie settings for all websites by default. If you set your privacy level to “medium”, your browser will accept the cookies for PSSO as well.
If you are using Internet Explorer, change your settings under Tools-> Internet Options-> Privacy. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please do so under: Tools -> Options-> Privacy -> Cookies.
Should you have allowed cookies for but the system does still not accept the information you have entered, you are using a TAN you have already entered.

+Clicking on TAN list as PDF opens an empty page.

If this happens, please right-click on the link and save the file on your computer instead of opening it directly. You may then open the file with a PDF reader and print it out.
PLEASE NOTE: Saving the document on your computer may only be a temporary action. You are required to delete the file from your hard drive once you have printed it!

+Why does PSSO display examinations with expired deadlines?

Examinations which are not offered in the current semester or were already held in the past are displayed with an expired registration deadline so that students cannot accidentally register for these examinations.

+Why can I not log on to PSSO with my new password?

Changing your password directly in PSSO is no longer possible. You now use your campusID to sign in to PSSO.

+Why are my classmates’ examination results listed on PSSO while mine are not?

Grades are entered into the system manually one by one. Due to this, the grades on the bottom of the list may be entered a few hours or days later than the ones on the top of the list.

+Why can I not access a list of all examination results?

In compliance with the German Data Protection Act, you may only be granted access to your own grades but not to a list displaying all examination results.

+How do I delete saved data for online forms? (autocomplete)

You can disable the autocomplete option for online forms. When entering your username and password, you can thus ensure that no unauthorized person has access to stored security-related information.

+Why are not all credits included in my ECTS account?

Depending on your faculty and examination regulations, ECTS credits might not be transferred to your ECTS account immediately. The sum of your credits is calculated at least once a month; but usually at more frequent intervals. As soon as the sum has been edited by the Office of Student Services, it will be immediatly be displayed on PSSO. Notwithstanding the above, the credits for individual examinations are always listed correctly.

+Where do I find information on re-registration?

You can find more information on re-registering for the upcoming semester here:

+I need a certificate of enrollment. Where can I get one?

Certificates of enrollment and BAFöG certificates have moved to TH Köln's new campus management system (CaMS). They are available in German and English. To generate documents in English, switch the language in the bottom right corner. Certificates are then displayed in English.

+Why do my classmates receive a confirmation email when registering for and deregistering from examinations on PSSO but I don’t?

You will only receive a confirmation email when registering for or deregistering from examinations if you are registered on PSSO with your campusID.
Students who not have a campusID account yet may request their campusID user details at Campus IT.