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Health insurance

Students are required by law to present proof of their health insurance coverage when enrolling at a university in Germany. They need health insurance coverage for the entire duration of their studies.

Proof of health insurance coverage at the time of enrollment

In Germany, university students are generally required to have statutory health and long-term care insurance. A confirmation of your health insurance status is to be transmitted electronically from your health insurance company to TH Köln. Please note that a written confirmation of membership issued by your health insurance company or a copy of your insurance card are not sufficient to enroll.

If you have statutory health insurance, please ask your insurance company to transmit a confirmation of your insurance status (as per sect. 199A (2) SGB V) to Technische Hochschule Köln (sender’s ID: H0000253).

If you have private health insurance (and intend to keep it while enrolled at TH Köln), you need a confirmation that you are exempt from statutory health insurance. Every statutory health insurance company can issue such a confirmation. It also needs to be transmitted electronically to TH Köln (sender’s ID H0000253).

If you have questions on your student health insurance, please contact your health insurance company. Additional information on this topic is available from the Kölner Studierendenwerk.

Re-registration block due to missing proof of health insurance coverage

Students who are already enrolled may be not be able to re-register for the upcoming semester if their proof of health insurance coverage is missing. If that is the case, it will be displayed in CaMS in the student service section.

Re-registration blocks due to health insurance issues
Reason for re-registration block What to do
Confirmation of health insurance coverage missing Get in touch with your health insurance company and ask them to transmit a confirmation of your health insurance status as described above. 
Health insurance contributions not paid Your health insurance company notified TH Köln that your insurance contributions were not paid. Please get in touch with your health insurance company. Once your outstanding payments have been settled, your health insurance company will notify us and the re-registration block will be cleared.

Offices of Student Services

If you have questions on your proof of health insurance coverage, please get in touch with the Office of Student Services on your campus.