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How do I register to take an exam? Can I repeat an exam? And what do I need to do if want to withdraw? Continue reading for more information on all exam-related matters.

How to register for an exam

All students at TH Köln are required to register prior to taking an exam. Each semester, there are special registration periods during which students can register for the exams they want to take. Registrations are normally done through PSSO (Online Examination and Student Services). In some cases, students register by putting their name down in a list in the Office of Examination Services or by submitting a registration form. 

The Examination Board of each program determines and publishes the registration deadlines. Students can also check the current deadlines by logging in to PSSO.

In order to register for examinations, students must be properly enrolled in the respective program at TH Köln and in some cases must meet certain requirements, such as having passed certain exams during earlier stages of their program. Detailed information is provided in each program's examination regulations.

Has my registration been approved?
Once students have registered for an examination, the Office of Examination Services will verfiy that they meet all requirements to take the exam. The Office of Examination Services will then publish a list of all students whose registration has been approved. This information is also available through PSSO. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Office of Student Services. 

How to register for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis
Students are required to register for their Bachelor's or Master's thesis and the final oral examination ("Kolloquium") in writing. Registration forms are available from the Office of Student Services or online. 
For more information: Bachelor's and Master's theses

Cancelling a registration

Students can generally cancel their registration for an exam up until one week (sometimes two weeks) prior to the examination date. Students are not required to present a reason for cancelling their registration and they do not lose an attempt to take this particular examination.
Cancellations are usually done through PSSO, however, some exceptions apply. If you are required to submit a form to the Office of Examination Services and choose to submit it by mail, please make sure you meet the cancellation deadline. The date of receipt is relevant, not the date of the postmark. 


When cancelling your registration for an exam, please make sure you meet the respective deadline. If you are unsure of the deadline or encounter any difficulties with your cancellation, please contact the Office of Student Services. If you fail to cancel your registration and do not show up for the exam, you will receive the grade "insufficient" (5.0) and you will lose one of your three attempts to pass this particular examination. 

Special regulations apply for Bachelor's and Master's theses:
Bachelor's and Master's theses

Retaking examinations

If you fail the first attempt of a course or module examination, you may retake each examination twice. If you do not pass the thesis or final oral examination, you may retake each once.

In general, a passed examination cannot be retaken. However, in Bachelor's programs, up to two passed examinations can be retaken to achieve a better grade (additional examination attempt). Some Master's programs have adopted regulations on free attempts ("Freiversuch"), please check your program's examination regulations for details. 

Additional examination attempts in Bachelor's programs

Students enrolled in Bachelor's programs at TH Köln can use up to four "additional examination attempts" in case they have failed an examination three times in a row or if they are unhappy with the result of their first (passed) attempt. These regulations replace all previous regulations on free attempts ("Freiversuche") and apply to all examinations taken on or after September 1, 2018. 

Taking examinations early

It is gerenally possible and allowed to take examinations earlier than the scheduled in the examination regulations of the respective program (§ 94 (4) of the North Rhine-Westphalia Higher Education Act). This can only be done, however, if all prerequisites to take the examination (such as having passed certain examinations during earlier stages of the program) have been met. 


Office of Student and Examination Services
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student and Examination Services.