Examination Boards

Examination Boards are in charge of all formal matters concerning examinations and the recognition of previous learning.

Examination Boards are usually formed for each program. In some cases they are in charge of examination matters of an entire faculty. Its members are professors, research assistants (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) and students of the respective program or faculty. The Chairperson of the Examination Board is always a member selected from the pool of professors.

Examination Boards are responsible for:

  • decisions on objections against exam-related decisions
  • proper conduct of examinations
  • planning and scheduling examinations
  • monitoring compliance with the examination regulations
  • appointing examiners and co-examiners
  • decisions on admissions to examinations
  • decisions on admissions to theses and final oral examinations
  • determining topics for theses
  • decisions on annulments of examinations
  • decisions on the recognition of legitimate reasons for withdrawals from examinations (e.g. due to illness)
  • recognition of credits from other programs or other insitutions of higher education
  • admission to internship semesters and approval of internship positions

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