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Bachelor's and Master's theses

Students are required to write a final thesis. The topic of this thesis is assigned individually for each student by the examination board.

You are to complete your thesis within a time frame of somewhere between four weeks and four months, depending on your degree program and the topic of your thesis. The topic is determined by a thesis adviser, who each student may choose from the pool of professors of his/her program (potential divergences of this provision will be laid down in the respective examination regulations). You are allowed to suggest specific areas for the topic of your thesis. Please file the registration for writing the thesis with your Office of Student Services. Should your registration be successful, you will subsequently be admitted by the chairperson of the examination board.

Extension of deadline

The time frame allotted for writing a final thesis may exceptionally be extended by up to four weeks for a Master’s thesis and up to two weeks for a Bachelor’s thesis by the chairperson of the examination board if the corresponding request was filed prior to the end of the original deadline of submission. The thesis adviser is to be heard on the request as well. When receiving the documents needed to register for your thesis, you will also be handed a deadline extension form.

Extending the deadline by more than the number of weeks stipulated in the examination regulations is by no means possible!

Should you deal with a serious illness for an extended period of time while writing your thesis and should the regular extension of the deadline not suffice for you to complete the thesis, you may withdraw from writing the thesis. To do so, you are required to file a written request with the examination board in time. In this request, please state the reasons for withdrawing and substantiate them by enclosing comprehensible medical certificates. If your withdrawal is approved of by the examination board, you may register for the final thesis anew – albeit with a different topic – without losing an attempt to write your thesis.

Withdrawing from a topic

You may withdraw from a topic of your thesis only once and may only do so within the first two weeks of the assigned time frame, without stating your reasons for doing so. If it is your second attempt to write the thesis, you will only be permitted to withdraw from the thesis if you did not do so during the writing of your first attempt. Re-admission to the thesis will only be granted if you submit a topic different from your initial one.

Final oral examination (Kolloquium)

In compliance with the corresponding examination regulations, most programs include a final oral examination, the Kolloquium, which examinees take upon having passed the final thesis. The final oral examination complements the thesis and is normally evaluated as an independent examination. It is to determine whether the examinee is capable of orally presenting and independently justifying the findings of the thesis, its scientific fundamentals as well as inter- and multidisciplinary contexts, and of assessing the thesis’ significance for practice. The examinee's approach to writing the thesis is also to be discussed. The final oral examination is jointly held and evaluated by both examiners of the thesis and usually lasts approximately 30 minutes.