Studierende am Laptop (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/FH Köln)

Faculty of Information Science and Communication Studies

The Faculty of Information Science and Communication Studies focuses on the spoken and the written word. We thus concentrate on all aspects of communication and the processing, archiving and handling of information. The faculty consists of the Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication (ITMK), the Institute of Information Science (IWS) and the Institute of Information Management (IIM, research institute).

The Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication offers a Bachelor's program in Multilingual Communication as well as four Master's programs, i.e. Multilingual Specialized Communication and Specialized Translation, Conference Interpreting, Terminology and Language Technology and a GlobalMBA in International Management and Intercultural Communication.

The Institute of Information Science (IWS) offers Bachelor's programs in Library Science, Data and Information Science and Digital Journalism and Media as well as Master's programs in Marketing and Media Research and Library and Information Science (part-time program parallel to professional employment).

The Institute for Information Management (IIM) is the research institute of the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences at TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences. The IIM has the task of preparing, implementing, and coordinating all kinds of projects in the field of information management - research, development, and consulting. With this unique profile, it aims to bundle the research activities within the faculty organizationally and spatially, thus creating transparency and exploiting synergies.