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Semester fees

All payments are to be made by bank transfer


Office of Student and Examination Services
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student and Examination Services.


All students are required to re-register each semster by the deadline set by TH Köln. Students are automatically re-registered once they have paid the semester fees and have, if so required, submitted all necessary documents.

All students who have not re-registered will be removed from the register of students by the end of the current semester.

The semester fee for the summer semester is € 261.70.

Exceptions apply for joint degree programs and programs parallel to professional employment.

Re-registration and graduation

Students who are graduating in the current semester, i.e. in a semester for which they are already registered, do not need to re-register for the upcoming semester. What is important in this regard is the date the final thesis is submitted or the final examination is taken. The date the results of the thesis or final examination are announced is irrelevant.


1. Final thesis is submitted/final examination is taken on February 28, 2017:  
Re-registration for the summer semester 2017 not required.

2. Final thesis is submitted/final examination is taken on March 1, 2017 or later:
Re-registration required.

Additional information is available in the download section: "Information for graduating students: Re-register or not?"

Re-registration deadline

Re-registration for the summer semesterRe-registration for the summer semester (Image: TH Köln)

For all students enrolled at TH Köln, the following re-registration deadlines apply:

  • Summer semester: January 10
  • Winter semester: July 10

TH Köln must have received the fees by these dates. We therefore ask you to transfer the amount payable a few days in advance. Please also take note of a potentiallate fee.

In some cases students cannot be re-registered despite having paid the fee in time:

  • students who fail to meet certain requirements, such as internship requirements, or who have not officially selected a specialization for the upcoming semester
  • students who have not submitted proof of health insurance or may be barred from re-registration for other reasons

Payment options

Due to the introduction of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), TH Köln can no longer offer the option of re-registering online by paying semester fees by electronic direct debit via PSSO. All payments are to be made by bank transfer.

Bank details:
TH Köln
Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN: DE50 3705 0198 1931 6140 59

Reference for the  summer semester
2171 + your 8-digit student ID

Please enter the 12-digit reference code ('12-stellige Kennung') without any spaces. Please note that the reference code changes each semester.
Transfers without reference code cannot be processed.

How to complete your transfer slip:

Überweisungsträger Ausfüll-Hilfe bei Zahlung per Überweisungsträger (Image: TH Köln)

  • The recipient of your payment is TH Köln. The bank details are provided above.
  • Enter the exact amount to be transferred. (Please check the "Table of charges" section of the Online Examination and Student Services (PSSO) for the exact amount.)
  • Please enter your 12-digit code (as described above, "12-stellige Kennung") in the first line of the reference section (Verwendungszweck) of your transfer slip. Please make sure to enter the refence code at the very beginning of the first line. (Please note that the reference code changes each semester. Transfers without reference code cannot be processed.)

Please note that certificates of enrollment ('Studienbescheinigung') can only be printed from PSSO once your payment has been registered in our system. This usually takes at least three days.

Late fee

Should you not have re-registered in time, you are required to pay a late fee of € 17.50.

If you fail to meet one of the following deadlines, you will also have to pay the late fee of €17.50:

  • if you failed to hand in a health insurance certificate or have not yet selected your specialization, please contact your Office of Student Services prior to the end of the re-registration deadline (July 10 for each winter semester and January 10 for each summer semester).
  • internship certificates are to be submitted by the deadlines listed in the respective examination regulations (usually at the end or beginning of the semester).
  • All cross-registered students ('Zweithörer') are asked to submit their latest certificate of enrollment of their home university by September 30 for the winter semester and March 31 for the summer semester and
  • cross-registered students enrolled in the same program as at their home university (kleine Zweithörerinnen/Zweithörer) are required to pay a cross-registration fee of €100 per semester within the re-registration deadline (July 10 for each winter semester and January 10 for each summer semester)

Cross-registered students pay their semester fees at their home university.