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Changing your PSSO password


Office of Student and Examination Services
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student and Examination Services.

Requesting a substitute TAN list

New TAN lists can only be requested by mail or in person.

New TAN lists can be requested

  • by mail or
  • in person at one of the Offices of Student Services.

By mail:

In order to prevent unauthorized modifications by third parties, your new documents will always be sent to the address you indicated as your main correspondence address  on PSSO.

Please ensure that your correspondence address is up to date. Otherwise you may not receive your new TAN list.

  • Please complete the TAN request form and sign it. By signing the form you accept the terms of use.
  • Please mail the form to your Office of Student Services.
  • Your request will usually be processed within 24 hours (plus delivery times).
  • To ensure delivery of the documents, please verify on PSSO whether your current address is listed as your main correspondence address.

In person:

Please remember to bring your MultiCa if you request your new TAN list in person at one of our Offices of Student Services. You are not required to complete the form. In most cases, you will receive your new TAN list immediately.