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Office of Student Services

Please contact the Office of Student Services should you have any questions on the verification of certificates.

Verification of certificates

Welcome to TH Köln's online verification page.

This page allows you to verify whether the certificates you have been presented by one of our students are authentic.

Every certificate includes a 12-digit verification number in the bottom left corner of the page. Please enter this number without spaces.
For every electronic certificate that is generated, a record is created and saved in our database. After you have entered the 12-digit code, the database will verify whether such a record exists. If it does, you will receive a confirmation of the following information:

  • Type of certificate
  • Student’s name
  • Date of generation
  • Validity
  • Date of removal from the register of students ('Exmatrikulation') – if the student has been removed from the register of students, an additional record will be generated stating the corresponding date.

Should you have any questions on specific certificates or should you have encountered discrepancies, feel free to contact one of our Offices of Student and Examination Services anytime.