Multilingual Communication (Bachelor's program)

Studierende im Gespräch in einem Seminarraum (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/FH Köln)

The Bachelor's program in Multilingual Communication is offered by the Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication. This six-semester program features the advanced study of two core languages and cultural domains (English, French, Spanish), German language and cultural studies, and concentrations in translation, media/culture, or business studies.

The Bachelor's program includes a semester abroad and emphasizes hands-on, applied coursework. Students also have the opportunity to pursue an eight-semester course of study, which includes more international exchange with the program's partner institutions.

Target group

The program is geared especially towards prospective students who are passionate about language, cultural studies, media and communication and interested in pursuing a multilingual course of study that investigates the full spectrum of phenomena relevant to human communication while simultaneously fostering a high level of proficiency in German and the program's core languages. Students in our program are interested in applying their love of languages to phenomena observed in both the business world and human society at large and enjoy cultivating their creative and critical thinking skills in an interdisciplinary context. The Bachelor's program serves as excellent preparation for the Master's programs in translation, conference interpreting, and terminology and language technology offered at our institute.

Further information on the Bachelor's program in Multilingual Communication is available in German here: Mehrsprachige Kommunikation (Bachelor)

At a Glance

Category Description
Program Multilingual Communication  
Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 
Type of program Full-time program 
Beginning of program Winter semester 
Program duration 6 semesters (specialization A, B or C1) or
8 semesters (specialization C2) 
Credits 180 ECTS credits (specialization A, B or C1) or
210 ECTS credits (specialization C2) 
Language of instruction German 
Campus Südstadt Campus 
Restricted admission No 
Mandatory foreign languages English, French or Spanish