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Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)

Information for prospective students who want to apply to a Bachelor's program with restricted admission that participates in the Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) coordinated by

Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)

With the Dialog-oriented Service Procedure ('Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren', DoSV) coordinates the admissions procedures for prospective first-year students to Bachelor's programs with restricted admission. The participating institutions conduct their admissions procedures themselves, in accordance with state law and instituition-specific regulations. 

Not every insitution of higher education in Germany participates in the DoSV. Participating institutions may choose to participate either with all or just a selection of their Bachelor's programs with restricted admission. Please refer to the DoSV Application Portal (section "courses offered") to find out which institution and programs participate in the DoSV. 

Participating programs at TH Köln

TH Köln participates in the DoSV with all its admission-restricted Bachelor's programs.

How to apply through the Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)

The following information is relevant for all prospective students who want to apply for admission to Bachelor's programs with restricted admission at TH Köln. 

We encourage you to become familiar with the application phases and deadlines for the DoSV prior to your application. This information might be crucial for the success of your application. 

Applicant How to apply
All applicants with a German Higher Education Entrance Qualification (HEEQ) and/or a degree from a German institution of higher education as well as vocationally qualified individuals

Registration on the
DoSV Application Portal 


Online application to TH Köln 
Online Application Platform

German cititzens and applicants from EU/EEA member states and their spouses with an undergraduate degree obtained outside of Germany as well as applicants with an EU or EEA Higher Education Entrance Qualification (HEEQ)

Registration on the
DoSV Application Portal 


Online application to TH Köln 
Online Application Platform


Academic Document Review at TH Köln

All other international applicants

Applications are submitted through uni-assist.

Please read the information on applications through uni-assist


You do not need to register with

Phases and deadlines

Below are the phases and deadlines for applications for admission in the winter semester 2019. 

+ Application phase: April 15 to July 15, 2019

During the application phase, prospective students register with Once registered, you will receive an applicant ID as well as an applicant authentication number (BAN) that you need to apply to TH Köln online. You can access this information through your user account (My Data > Personal Data). 

In addition to your registration with you are required to submit an application through TH Köln's online application platform. Applications can be submitted starting in December (for the summer semester)/in May (for the winter semester). Dates are subject to change.
Application deadlines (cut-off date):
January 15 for the summer semester
July 15 for the winter semester

During the application phase you can already prioritize your applications in your hochschulstart user account. This means than you can rank your applications in order of preference. Additional information on the prioritization of applications is available from

Registration -
Online application platform - TH Köln
Information on prioritization -

+ Coordination phase 1: July 16 to August 15, 2019

During this phase the institutions of higher education carry out their admissions procedures. You can log in to your user account on to check if you have received one or more offers of admission. You then have the option to accept or reject an offer or to keep waiting. 

- Accepting an offer: 
When accepting an admission offer, all other applications for admission submitted through the DoSV are automatically withdrawn. As a result, these places can now be offered to other applicants. You will receive a Letter of Admission for this program. 

- Rejecting an offer:
If you are sure that you do not want to accept a certain offer of admission, e.g. if you also have an admission offer from an institution that you prefer, you can reject an offer. This place will then be offered to another applicant. 

- Waiting:
If you have not yet received an admission offer from (one of) your top ranked institutions, it is advisable to wait for the decision phase. 

During the coordination phase 1 you also have the option to rank your applications in order of preference or review, and if necessary adjust, the existing prioritization. Additional information on the prioritization of applications is available from 

Application portal -
Information on prioritization -

+ Decision phase: August 16 to 18, 2019

The decision phase is your final chance to prioritize your applications, i.e. rank your applications in order of preference or to adjust your existing prioritization. Applications can be ranked in your user account. 

The prioritization of your applications is important to determine the best possible admission offer during the coordination phase 2. 

Information on prioritization -
Application portal -

+ Coordination phase 2: August 19 to 24, 2019

According to the prioritization the best possible admission offer for each applicant is determined three times during the coordination phase 2. An admission offer that is ranked higher replaces a lower ranked offer. Thus, during this phase, you will only have one admission offer at a time. 

You can see the currently best-ranked admission offer in the online portal. All lower-ranked admission offers or lower-ranked pending applications are withdrawn and will be offered to other applicants. Pending applications that are ranked higher than the current admission offer remain in the process.

If possible, the current admission offer is replaced by an offer for a higher-ranked application. In this case, the offer for the lower-ranked application will be withdrawn. 

During this phase, you may either accept an admission offer or keep waiting. 

If you have not yet accepted an admission offer by the end of this phase, you will automatically receive a Letter of Admission for the last remaining application. You will no longer participate in the DoSV admissions procedure. 

If you have not been offered admission to any program by the end of the coordination phase 2, you will automatically receive a Letter of Rejection for each program. 

Application portal -

Letters of Admission and Rejection

Letters of Admission
TH Köln issues and distributes the Letters of Admission for all programs participating in the DoSV. Letters of Admissions are sent by email as pdf attachments. Additionally, they are available for download in the "My Documents" section of TH Köln's Online Application Platform. Your Letter of Admission also provides information on the enrollment process. 

Time of distribution: 

  • If you have received an admission offer by TH Köln through the hochschulstart portal during the coordination phase 1 or 2, you will receive a Letter of Admission upon accepting the offer. 
  • If an admission offer by TH Köln is the last remaining offer at the end of coordination phase 2 because you did not actively accept any offer, you will receive a Letter of Admission once the admission offer has been turned into formal admission. 

Letters of Rejection
Letters of Rejection for programs participating in the DoSV are always issued by Upon completion of the Coordination Phase 2 Letters of Rejection are available for download in the hochschulstart application portal. If you opted to receive Letters of Rejection by mail, you can expect to receive them in late February for the summer semester/late August for the winter semester.