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Personal consulations by appointment only. Please use the contact details below to arrange for an appointment.

International Office

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Application via uni-assist

Uni-assist – the University Application Service for International Students – is responsible for the administrative preparation and checking of study applications for German universities. Uni-assist will determine whether you meet the admission requirements of your desired program at TH Köln and will convert your grades into the German grading system. The admission decision will be made by TH Köln.

You have completed your secondary school education in your home country and have been awarded your secondary-school diploma. The highest secondary-school diploma to be awarded in Germany is called Abitur or Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (Higher Education Entrance Qualification). TH Köln has charged uni-assist with the task to decide whether your secondary school diploma is equivalent to a German Abitur or Fachhochschulreife or whether your previous university studies will qualify you to study at master's level.

How does uni-assist review my documents?

The application service uni-assist in Berlin checks your application documents for authenticity and checks whether you meet the admission requirements of your desired program at TH Köln.  Additionally, your grade point average will be converted into the German grading system.

After having registered online on the uni-assist application platform, you need to send your documents to uni-assist by post.

Uni-assist charges a handling fee of € 75. (If you are a refugee, please note the information about the free examination of your documents further down.) Should you intend to apply at more than one university, an additional € 15 is charged for each additional university. When submitting your documents to uni-assist, make sure to include a proof of payment. If you fail to do so, your documents will not be reviewed. The relevant bank information is available on the uni-assist website.

It takes approximately three to four weeks for you to receive the results of your document review by post and email. Provided that you meet the admission requirements in place for your desired program, uni-assist will at the same time forward your application directly to TH Köln. Please note that TH Köln will not get in touch with you before middle of December in case you apply for the summer semester and not before middle of May, in case you apply for the winter semester.

If your academic documents are deemed insufficient for an application to your desired program, your application cannot be considered. This will also be the case if your application to uni-assist is incomplete or is received past the deadline or if the application does not fulfill the formal application criteria and required standards.

What formal criteria and standards do my application documents need to fulfill?

All academic and language certificates must be submitted as officially authenticated copies in the original language. If your documents are issued in a language other than German or English, you are required to hand in a translation into German or English by a sworn translator. All translations must also be submitted as officially authenticated copies. All authenticated copies must be submitted by post in paper form. Submitting these documents in electronic form is not sufficient.

We recommend that you submit your documents to uni-assist as early as possible. You cannot submit any application documents after the application deadline.

Which documents do I need to send to uni-assist?

Please submit the following application documents to uni-assist in Berlin by post:

  • Signed uni-assist application form
  • Officially authenticated copies of your secondary school diploma and – if applicable – your university entrance exam (original language and if applicable translation)
  • If applicable: officially authenticated copies of all passed university examinations and - if applicable - your university diploma
  • If you have graduated from a Studienkolleg: officially authenticated copy of you university entrance examination certificate (Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis)
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam: your APS certificate (original document)
  • Authenticated copies of your proof of German language proficiency for programs with German as language of instruction (likewise proof of English language proficiency for programs with English as language of instruction)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of your passport pages containing personal information
  • Proof of payment of the processing fee to uni-assist
  • If you have had your name changed: copy of the relevant document; e.g. marriage certificate

Additional documents - required for certain programs only

Some programs require you to send additional application documents to uni-assist in Berlin. Please visit the website of your desired study program and check the How-to-apply section about the admission requirements. There you will find out whether you need to submit additional documents with your application. These might for example include:

  • Proof of successful aptitude test
  • Proof of required language skills
  • An additional application form for the specific program
  • Letter of motivation - required for certain master programs only
  • Proof of work experience - required for certain master programs only

Free Uni-Assist application for Refugees

The examination of your certificates is free of charge, if you hand in the following documents in addition to the above listed application documents:

•a completely filled in application form for participation in the free examination of university admission eligibility in Germany (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, HZB)

•a copy of your German residency permit that shows that you have been granted refugee status
•either a certificate consultation (Beratungsschein) of the Central Academic Advising Office or International Office of TH Köln
•a print-out of your TestAS-certificate

Please note:
Should you have lost your certificates or proof of your secondary school or your university education due to your flight, please contact the International Office to talk about your possibilities.

Should you have lost only some of your documents, Uni-Assist will have to check your application to see if you are eligible to study in Germany. In case of missing documents due to your flight, Uni-Assist will provide you with an extra form to explain your education.