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Application via uni-assist

Studierende Bibliothek (Image: Thilo Schmülgen/TH Köln)

uni-assist e.V, Application Services for International Students, provides processing and evaluation for international student applications for many German universities. They check if your application is complete and if you meet all admission requirements for your desired study program.

Information on the Corona Pandemic

If you encounter difficulties in preparing your application documents, please contact: You can also reach us by telephone: +49 221-8275-3772.

For the winter semester 2021/22 you can apply in digital form at uni-assist, you do not have to send any documents by post. Simply submit your documents as an upload – even without official certification. We reserve the right to check the original or certified documents during the enrollment.

+ What does uni-assist check?

For TH Köln, uni-assist checks:

  • if your foreign Higher Education Entrance Qualification is comparable to a German university entrance qualification,
  • if your university studies and the degree obtained from abroad entitle you to gain a master's degree in Germany,
  • if you meet the additional admission requirements for your desired study program, such as language skills, aptitude test, GMAT-test,
  • if your application is complete and has been submitted before the deadline.

In addition, uni-assist converts your final grade into the German grading system.

Please note, that TH Köln decides about your admission to a study program and not uni-assist.

+ Do I have to apply via uni-assist?

That depends on the following criteria:

  • your nationality,
  • your desired study program,
  • on the country, where you have obtained your university entrance qualification or your university degree.

Please read the information on "How to Apply as a Degree-Seeking Student".

+ Which steps do I have to take on the uni-assist platform?

1.)    Register in the My Assist Online-Portal of uni-assist.

2.)    Choose TH Köln and the semester you wish to apply for. Create your application for one or more study programs.

3.)    Transfer the handling fee online while being logged in to your account.

4.)    Upload your application documents to uni-assist. Please note that uni-assist must receive your documents by the end of the application deadline. If your documents are uploaded after the deadline, your application will not be processed.

5.)    You will receive a confirmation of receipt by uni-assist via post and e-mail.

6.)    We reserve the right to check your original documents during the enrollment.

+ How much does the processing of my application cost?

The processing of your first desired study program costs €75. Each additional desired study program costs €30. Please note, that processing of your application will not be possible, if you have not paid the handling fee. You will find more information on the payment of the service fee on the website of uni-assist.

+ How long does it take uni-assist to process my application?

You will usually receive your evaluation result within 4 to 6 weeks. You can check the status of your application in your My assist account via the application overview.

Uni-assist will inform you of the evaluation result by e-mail and post. If your application is complete and meets all requirements of your desired study program, uni-assist will submit your application to TH Köln for further evaluation.

If your application does not meet all criteria, uni-assist will inform you in detail by e-mail and post. In that case, TH Köln cannot consider your application.

+ Who decides about my acceptance or my rejection?

TH Köln will make the final decision and will inform you by email.  

+ Which documents do I have to submit to uni-assist?

  • Your uni-assist application number. Please note it on one of your documents.
  • Your school-leaving certificate with subject and grade overview.
  • University entrance exam, if applicable
  • Subject and grade overview of academic achievements at a university, if applicable
  • University diploma, if applicable
  • Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis (FSP), in case you passed a Studienkolleg (preparatory course)
  • Applicants with documents from China, Mongolia (until 2018) and Vietnam: your APS certificate (original document)
  • Proof of German language proficiency; proof of English language proficiency for programs with English as language of instruction
  • CV
  • Copy of your passport pages containing your personal data
  • If you have had your name changed: copy of the relevant document; e.g. marriage certificate
  • a translation into German or English by a sworn translator of all documents, which are not issued in German or English

+ What formal criteria and standards do my application documents need to fulfill?

For the winter semester 2021/22 you can apply in digital form at uni-assist, you do not have to have any documents certified.

Please upload scans of your original documents. We reserve the right to check these documents during the enrollment.

If your documents are issued in a language other than German or English, you are required to submit a translation into German or English by a sworn translator in addition to your original documents.

+ Do I have to submit any additional documents to uni-assist for my desired study program?

Depending on your desired study program, you may have to submit additional documents. Therefore, please check the admission requirements for your desired study program on the respective program pages under the menu item "How to apply". It will tell you whether you have to submit additional documents with your application. These could be, for example, the following documents:

  • Proof that you have passed the aptitude test
  • Proof of required (additional) language skills
  • additional application form
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of professional activity

+ Do I also have to register with What is DoSV?

Study places in Bachelor programs with restricted admission at TH Köln will be allocated via the Dialog-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV).

If you apply for such a study program, you must also register at and provide your applicant-ID (BID) and applicant authentication number (BAN) to uni-assist.

+ What happens if I forgot to send a required document to uni-assist?

Uni-assist will inform you through e-mail and post in case documents are missing. You may submit any missing documents until the end of the application deadline.  

+ Is it sufficient if I upload my documents to uni-assist?

For the winter semester 2021/22 you can apply in digital form at uni-assist, you do not have to send any documents by post.

We reserve the right to check these documents during the enrollment.

+ Do I have to submit my school-leaving certificates as well as the subject and grade overview to uni-assist, if I want to apply for a Master program at TH Köln?

Yes. Please document your education in detail: from the last school-leaving certificate that qualifies you to study in your home country to the status of your studies.

Please submit only complete certificates: your Diploma certificate and the overview of subjects and grades. No parts of the certificate (for example a diploma supplement) or individual pages may be missing.

+ To which address should I send my documents?

TH Köln
c/o uni-assist
D-11507 Berlin

+ What kind of questions do I ask uni-assist?

  • FAQ uni-assist for questions about the payment of the handling fee, technical questions about the portal (for example: creating a second study request, uploading documents, etc.) or questions about news from uni-assist.
  • Contact uni-assist for other matters.

+ What kind of questions do I ask TH Köln?

You have the following questions:

  • What study programs do you offer?
  • What are the language requirements?
  • Which documents do I have to submit in addition to my certificates?
  • What are the application deadlines?
  • What is the status of my application?

Please check under study programs and admission requirements for international students, if you can find an answer there. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us via our contact form.

Please note that we cannot provide information on the status of your application before the uni-assist processing time (4-6 weeks) has expired.