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Application deadlines

Make sure to meet the application deadlines set by TH Köln and uni-assist to ensure that your application will be considered in the admissions procedure.

For a successful application to TH Köln it is crucial that you meet the application deadline. Please be aware that this deadline may differ from program to program and the deadline for uni-assist may be earlier than the general application deadline at TH Köln. 

To find out the application deadline of the program you are interested in, please go to our program overview, select your program and go to the "How to apply" section. All deadlines are detailed on this page.
If the language of instruction of your program is German, it is possible that this information is only available in German. In this case, switch to the German site, select your program, then go to "Bewerbung". 

In case you do not meet the deadline, your application cannot be considered in the admissions process.