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Academic Program Director

Prof. Dr. Zelal Ates

Prof. Dr. Zelal Ates

  • Room B4.263a
  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3889

Program Coordinator

Andrea Vialaneix

Andrea Vialaneix

  • Room D4.330
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International Office of the Faculty

Yvette Gossel

Yvette Gossel

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Logistics (Bachelor's program)

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Logistics involves the planning, control, optimization and execution of material, information and cash flows in systems, networks and processes. It also includes value-added services related to logistics, in addition to the transport, handling and storage of goods and merchandise.

The degree program is offered at the Deutz campus by the Faculty of Automotive Systems and Production and the Faculty of Economics and Law.

At a Glance

Category Description
Program Logistics  
Degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 
Type of program Full-time program 
Beginning of program Winter semester 
Program duration 7 semesters 
Credits 210 ECTS credits 
Language of instruction German 
Campus Deutz Campus 
Restricted admission Yes 
Accreditation internal accreditation based on system accredited standards, until Sep 30, 2025 

Starting with the fundamentals of general business administration and economics as well as selected soft skills such as creativity, moderation and presentation techniques, the program deepens functions, phases and information technologies in logistics by means of current and exciting challenges to logistics management.

The region of Cologne offers students of Logistics a broad field of study and activity. Cologne is a logistics hub with excellent connections to road, rail, air and waterways. Globally active industrial, trade and service companies offer a wide range of opportunities for internships as well as a career start in the region and worldwide. The newly formed degree program at Germany's largest university of applied sciences offers a top-notch, excellently structured education with a team of lecturers who have proven themselves in practice.

Holistically oriented: cross-faculty, service, cost and process oriented

Logistics deals with the information, goods and value flows of the entire supply chain: the supply chain within and between companies. This "logistics chain" begins with the customer and covers numerous trade and production including the extraction of raw materials. Logistical processes must be efficiently planned, managed and controlled. The degree program incorporates the therefore necessary instruments in the phases of distribution, production, procurement and disposal logistics. Students learn about functions such as transport, handling and storage, order processing, inventory management and packaging. In addition, they learn important details about specific applications in the various institutions of industry, trade and services.

The degree program conveys overall competence on a broad theoretical and at the same time practice-oriented basis. In addition, the students' communication and cooperation skills are promoted, enabling them to develop a team-oriented and responsible working style.

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