German Courses

Studierende mit einem Wörterbuch (Image: Costa Belibasakis/FH Köln)

Whether you are an exchange student or degree-seeking student: Sound knowledge of the German language will facilitate your stay at TH Köln greatly. German is the language of instruction in most programs, in particular on a Bachelor’s level. Applying for Bachelor’s programs without an excellent command of German is in most cases not possible.

The Language Learning Center of TH Köln offers a variety of language courses throughout the semester.

In addition to German, students can also learn other foreign languages such as English, French, Italian or Spanish. The language courses are a free offer of TH Köln. You can earn credit points for these courses.

For all language courses, you must register online with the Language Learning Center before the start of the semester. If you already have previous knowledge of a language, you need to take a placement test or you need to send a recently issued certificate stating your level of German to the Language Learning Center:

If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at TH Köln but do not have sufficient knowledge of German yet, you may participate in a preparatory German course at the Language Learning Center. Only international applicants with a DSH II or an equivalent language certificate may enroll in a study program taught in German.

Learn German with a native speaker: