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Program Director

Prof. Dr. Michael Volkmann

Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften
Schmalenbach Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (WI)

Program Coordinator

Petra Reitze

Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften
Schmalenbach Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (WI)

  • Phone: +49 221-8275-3916

Campus Südstadt, Claudiusstraße 1, 50678 Cologne
Room B1.61E

International Business (Bachelor's program) – For Students

Already enrolled in the Bachelor's program in International Business? This is your one stop information source on your studies.


What is the recommended course of study? Find here: Curriculum

Changes to the proposed structure are possible at students own risk. Do note that not every module is offered every semester, most modules are only offered once a year.

Please always check which version of the examination regulations apply to you. This information can be found on PSSO, where you can also print your academic records.

Course Book

The course book contains detailed descriptions of the degree content, methods of examination and learning targets. Every module/ course is described seperatly. The latest version is valid.

Course Register

Our Course Register is called Prodo.For some courses a registration is mandatory. These courses are marked "compulsory registration"/"anmeldepflichtig". You need a user name and password to register via Prodo. Sign up for Prodo now!

Development Program - we are demanding but supportive!

Show your committment and we will support you. Find out more soon.

E-Learning Platform ILIAS

ILIAS is an e-learning platform that helps you organize your studies. ILIAS gives you access to course materials, news and information on cancelled lectures.

Much of this information (cancelled lectures for example) is only available to those registered for ILIAS. Please keep your ILIAS contact information up to date to ensure you receive all relevant information.

Examination Regulations

The examination regulations are your main source of information on your program. It contains information on access requirements, examinations and the Master's thesis, to name but a few topics.

Please always check which version of the examination regulations applies to you. This information can be found on PSSO where you can also print your academic records.


Information on everything related to examinations is available here:Prüfungsausschuss am Schmalenbach Institut. This information is available in German only.

Freshmen Information

Information for new students

Welcome at TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences.


You are interested in working for a company or institution abroad? Or do you want to write your Bachelor's thesis in corporation with a company or institution? Then the optional internship abroad is exactly what you need!

Internships last twenty weeks with a regular five-day work week. They are always supervised by a professor and/or (if applicable) supported by your thesis supervisor. An internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and to get to know the workflow and coporate culture of an international operating company. An internship is your opportunity to proof yourself in a professional environment. An optional semester that will pay off!

Schedule, News & Events

What's going on at Schmalenbach School of Business & Economics? Please check out the Schedule for all dates and deadlines relevant for your studies.

Upcoming events of the faculty are displayed at the bottom of this page; all events of TH Köln can be checked with the general events site (German only)

Semester abroad

We recommend you start planning your semester abroad as early as possible to ensure that you have sufficient time to get organized. There will be information sessions throughout the semester. Additionally, a lot of information is available here: Praxissemester am Schmalenbach Institut (auslaufend)  (German only).

You may also contact your Program Coordinator if you need assistance or further information.