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Institute of Automotive Engineering
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Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Peter Krug

Prof. Dr. Peter Krug

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Susanne Langkau

Susanne Langkau

  • Room ZW 3-2
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Institute of Automotive Engineering

The Institute of Automotive Engineering (IFK) is a competence center for all aspects related to vehicle development.

On the one hand, it provides the corresponding resources for the study programs Automotive Engineering (B. Eng.), Automotive Engineering (M. Sc.) and the interfaculty Master's program Mechatronics (M. Sc.) and thus guarantees our students an excellent preparation for their future professional life.
We consider ourselves as a practice-oriented research institute which is valued by our project partners as a reliable and innovative development partner and at which numerous research and development projects are carried out.

A broad interdisciplinary team of scientists covers all facets of vehicle development, from individual components and assemblies to entire vehicles and integrated mobility concepts.
The team is supported by numerous experienced and qualified employees, who contribute their know-how and expertise to numerous laboratories and technical facilities in various research projects as well as in teaching.

The institute maintains relations with a large number of universities and non-university research institutes at national and international level. Particularly in the field of internationalization, we are proud to be able to offer our students double Bachelor's degrees in cooperation with the Tec de Monterrey in Mexico. In research, the participation in international collaborative projects guarantees, among other aspects, strong networking within the scientific community.

The transfer into practice on the one hand takes place through our graduates, who can easily start their professional career in the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as in the field of expert witnessing due to their well-founded education. On the other hand, there are numerous bilateral projects and long-term collaborations with the private industry sector.
Further information about the competences offered at our institute can be found on the numerous websites of our facilities and laboratories.
However, two outstanding, inter-institutional and inter-faculty projects, which are thematically and spatially concentrated at the Institute of Automotive Engineering should also be highlighted.
The IFK hosts eMotorsports Cologne, the Formula Student Electric Team of TH Köln and the association FH Köln Motorsport e.V.. Both teams are able to compete in the international competition with vehicles classically powered by combustion engines and one electrically powered vehicle.