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International students who would like to obtain a degree at TH Köln

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First Semester Information

We look forward to welcoming you at TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) to join our bachelor's and master's programs. Please check this web page regularly, as we will update general information. NOTE: Some information on this page is only relevant for students from abroad ("Incoming Students")

** Last Update: July 2023 **

General Information for incoming students

Get an overview of the TH Köln online systems, how to use them and much more. We recommend the brochure “Getting Started” (general TH Köln overview) as well as the video tutorials on CampusID, ILIAS and PSSO. Also check the "Advisory Services" of the team international degree-seeking students for your questions and problems concerning your studies and stay in Germany.

What's next?

Login Data

After the enrollment at TH Köln you receive(d) two e-mails from our Campus IT with your login data to our PSSO system and your personal university e-mail address. Please check your spam folder as well! The sender is a no-reply-e-mail address. Follow the instructions given in order to activate your account.


Moreover, you receive(d) a letter with your MultiCa (student ID card) together with information on how to pay the semester fees. More information about enrollment.

Semester Ticket (for Public Transport)

This letter is sent to the German address you have given in the enrollment form.
 After paying the semester fees and once they have been accredited to your account, you can download the semester ticket and use the public transport system in and around Cologne for free. Please have a look at the video tutorial how to download the semester ticket.

Fixed Dates and Deadlines

  • Enrollment Deadline: TBA
  • Start of welcome week: TBA
  • Official Welcome of our new Bachelor Students: TBA
  • Official Welcome of our new Master Students: TBA
  • Start of all Winter Term classes: TBA

General Information

Semester Schedule

Please find the detailed study schedules here:

Check your schedule regularly, as changes may occur.

First Steps@TH Köln

Pre-arrival Web-Seminars for International First-year Students

You have recently received an admission letter to TH Köln and want to enroll now? You might have some questions, like What do I need to consider when enrolling? Where should I address questions and problems? Which IT tools do I need? etc. The International Degree Seeking Students Team will answer your questions in several Zoom sessions at the beginning of each semester. Here you will also get to know other first-year students and have the opportunity to exchange ideas:

First Steps@TH Köln: Zoom sessions for international first-year students

Online consultation hours

In addition, for any bilateral questions about your stay in Germany, you can join the online consultation hours offered by the Team International Degree-Seeking Students:

Online consultation hours for international students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enrollment Incoming Students

+ I have questions regarding the enrollment procedure

The procedure is explained in your letter of admission and within the TH Köln Online portal. For general questions regarding the TH Köln Online portal and related processes, please see the online application platform.

+ Under “Legal Information” I am informed that my admission is conditional, what does it mean?

This is a general legal chapter. It means that, in case you provided false information in order to receive admission, you will lose your admission status.

+ Is the enrollment deadline a fixed deadline?

Yes, in case you do not send all your enrollment documents to TH Köln in time you will lose your admission status. The deadline is mentioned in your letter of admission.

+ In case I proceed with the enrollment but may not be able to come to Germany now, can I join in the following summer semester or the winter semester after that?

This is possible as long as you pay your semester fees for the winter semester in which you enrol, for the following summer semester and for the subsequent winter semester in order to remain enrolled at TH Köln.

+ Do I need to show a German health insurance to get enrolled at TH Köln?

Yes, this is a mandatory document. The Department for International Affairs prepared some further information on health insurance for international students.

+ I need to give an address in Germany, can I also give an address outside Germany?

No, this is not possible. You need to show a German address; in case you are not in Germany, you can give an address of a friend/family member. It is important that this is a reliable address, as TH Köln will send you several important letters including your student-id card. TH Köln will send no letters outside Germany.

Arrival to Germany

+ When should I arrive in Cologne?

We recommend coming to Cologne by the beginning of September, in order to proceed with general administration steps within the city hall, the office for foreign affairs, the "Kölner Studierenden-Werk" (KSTW), etc. The study programs will start with some general introduction sessions on 25 September, 2023. Lectures will start on 2 October, 2023.

+ How can I find accommodation in Cologne?

Cologne is a city with thousands of students, therefore the accommodation market for single apartments and places in student dorms are very contested. Please start searching for a place from now on. We do recommend that you register asap with the "Kölner Studierenden-Werk" (KSTW) to apply for a room in a shared apartment. Further information is given here.

+ I would like to discuss my semester schedule and my individual plan with the university, whom can I contact?

Please join our information sessions for first-semester students [the date will be announced here in due course]. If you have further individual questions afterwards, please send an e-mail to the email address of your master’s program. We will then get in contact with you.


+ How can I contact the program organization?

Please send an e-mail to the study program you received admission for:

Academic Advising

Central Academic Advising

  • Phone: +49 221-8275-5500

International students who would like to obtain a degree at TH Köln

Team 2.1 International Degree-Seeking Students

  • Phone: +49 221-8275-2910