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Sabrina Geppert

Sabrina Geppert

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Strategic Cooperation Manager

Dagmar Schall

Dagmar Schall

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International Office

The website of the International Office provides information on administrative matters (e.g. enrollment) and student life at TH Köln and in Cologne.

Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication – Incoming Exchange Students

On this page, we provide our Erasmus+ incoming students with all the information they need to prepare for their stay in Cologne. This includes information on how to find accommodation, information on the Erasmus+ German classes and the current course catalogue, as well as relevant dates and deadlines.

Student Life at the ITMK and in Cologne

Welcome to the ITMK and the TH Köln!

We're delighted you're about to begin a study year at our institute. And because we know how difficult making preparations for a foreign study year can be, we'd like to offer a little help. We hope the information provided will create a positive first impression of your stay in Cologne and whet your appetite for your study year here.

Our International Office also provides the brochure 'Just Arrived' containing information about your stay in Cologne, university formalities and procedures as well as how to find accommodation. Moreover there's information about student life in Cologne, including some useful addresses and ideas about leisure activities.

Enrollment / Admission

Our International Office (IO) campus Südstadt is in charge of the enrollment for all incoming students.

You will receive an email with detailed information from our IO, in which you will be asked to register online with TH Köln's online portal "Mobility Online". For the winter term (WiSe) the deadline is May, 1st, for the summer term (SoSe) the deadline is November, 1st.

Once registration is completed, you will be able to download and print your Letter of Admission. This document states, that you have been accepted as an exchange student at the TH Köln and can be used as an official document.

After your arrival in Cologne, you will have to enroll personally at our IO (official matriculation) at the Campus Südstadt. Then you will have to pay the semester fee. Now your immatriculation is completed and you can use your MultiCa.

For the immatriculation, our IO offers special dates in mid-September (winter term) / beginning until mid-March (summer term). Please consider this, planning your stay abroad and take into consideration the IO's office hours at the campus Südstadt.

Erasmus+ / Incoming Orientation

Winter Semester 2019/20
Orientation for exchange students + arrival planning

Dear exchange students,

Your semester at the ITMK begins with an obligatory orientation week from September, 30 to October, 2, 2019. Detailed information will be published in time. 

Since participation is compulsory for all new exchange students please be sure to make a note of the date!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Cologne soon!

For planning your arrival: We recommend you arrive at least 3 to 4 weeks before the orientation week starts (the first day of the month is generally the date rental agreements start). This way you have time to settle in Cologne, move into your room/apartment and complete your enrollment at TH Köln before the lectures start.

Please take into account before lectures start you will have to:

a) sit the placement test for the German classes (and other foreign languages) at TH Köln's Language Center (SLZ) and

b) enroll at our IO.

Language Prerequisites

The ITMK offers courses/degrees in modern foreign languages (English, French, Spanish). The basic language is German. Therefore, most of the classes at the ITMK are taught in German. Hence, exchange students should have a sound knowledge of German in order to attend classes successfully. The minimum German level is B1.

 Apart from this we also have entrance levels for the foreign languages:

  • English = B2
  • French and Spanish = B1

Please consider these levels as minimum prerequisites for the first year of study. For attending classes of higher years of study, higher language levels are logically required (especially for translation and interpreting classes). You should take this into consideration when choosing classes/making up your Learning Agreement and chose your project module.

If you don't have the appropriate language levels you can attend classes at TH Köln's Language Center (Sprachlernzentrum = SLZ). The SLZ focuses on language learning classes, not only in German but also in English, French and Spanish as well as Italian (for further information see below).

German Placement Test And Language classes at TH Köln's Language Center

All Incoming students have to take the compulsory placement test at TH Köln's Language Center, before the semester starts. It takes place in Cologne itself. Please remember to register online for the placement test from September 2 onwards. You will receive the test result via e-mail. Please take care of it since you will need to show it in order to participate on several classes.

Furthermore the test result allows you to participate on a SLZ German class for exchange students at no charge, which comprises 4 SWS (=2x90 minutes) per week. When participating regularly and passing the exam, you receive 5 ECTS credits for each class. For any queries regarding German classes please contact the Language Center directly. Exchange students may attend one German class/level during the term (exception B2+ level).

Moreover the SLZ offers courses for English, French, Spanish and Italian at various levels at no charge. Further information can be found  here.

You are required to register online for the compulsory placement test which takes place in Cologne 2- 3 weeks before lectures start.

Please note: Most of the classes take place at Campus Deutz/IWZ (which takes about 30 minutes by bus and train from the ITMK's location in the Südstadt).

Lecture Timetable for Exchange Students

As an exchange student you can only select classes from our bachelor program 'Multilingual Communication' (exception: Master-degree agreements). But you can choose classes from any semester. You can find an overwiew about the classes, we offer in general under "study program" at the right. 

On the right you will find the following documents:

  • The current Erasmus+ lecture timetable. It contains special information/classes for incoming exchange students as well as a manual on how to use the online platform UnivIs for making up your individual timetable. Shortly before semester starts the actually offered classes will be published in UnivIS.
  • An overview of the changes to the lecture timetable since there may be changes to the time/place at short notice.
  • The study program of ITMK's Bachelor 'Multilingual Communication'. It serves as an overview of which classes we offer in general (e.g. for your provisional Learning Agreement 'Before the Mobility'). Please note: Not all classes listed in the curriculum are offered every term! The exact list of classes offered in the current term will be released online via UnivIs shortly before the lectures start (see below).

Please take into account that not all classes are offered every term. In general, classes of the 1st and 3rd semester are offered in the winter term while classes of the 2nd, 4st and 6st semester are offered in the summer term. You can find all actually offered classes in our Erasmus+ lecture timetable as well as on UnivIs before lectures start.

The release dates for the ITMK's lecture timetables are as follows:

  • winter semester (WiSe): late September
  • summer semester (SoSe): mid March

Particularities of some classes

Please note the following points while selecting your classes:

1. Exchange students cannot attend the following classes:

  • Kompetenzerweiterung (in your native language)
  • Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskompetenz (in your native language)
  • Zusatzsprache (in your native language)
  • Integriertes Projekt Wirtschaft/Recht/Sprache (Bachelor Languages and Business)
  • Vorbereitungskurs CPE

2. For attending the following courses you need to be accepted for B2+ classes within the SLZ-German test result:

  • Übersetzungskurse von/nach Deutsch
  • Dolmetschkurse von/nach Deutsch
  • Proseminare
  • Deutsche Landeskunde + Sprachpraktische Übung im BA Sprachen und Wirtschaft

3. Some courses are rounded off with a practical examination (PP), which is not marked. The result on the ECTS Certificate/Leistungsnachweis is called: 'pass' or 'fail'. Before choosing one of these classes please ask your home university whether they will accredit it towards your degree without a mark. These courses are:

  • Vortrags- und Präsentationstechniken (project module, WiSe)
  • Vertiefung Kompetenzerweiterung und Kulturraum (Projektmodul SoSe)
  • Projektmanagement
  • Informationstechnologie A/B

4. Some classes are organized as block classes (on one or several days). Please note that registration is required. You can register via email to the lecturer from the first lecture week on. You will receive an email answer whether you are accepted. Details will be published in the Erasmus+ lecture timetable.

5. Registration is required for computer-based courses. As places in PC labs are limited, a registration via email with the lecturer is required. The lecturer will let you know whether you have been accepted or not. For details please see the Erasmus+ lecture timetable.

Mandatory Project Module

In the middle of the semester (both winter and summer semester) TH Köln organizes a university-wide mandatory project week. During this week, all ITMK students (exchange students included) have to attend a special course (in the winter semester they are linked to certain courses). Exchange students have to take the following courses in the respective semester:


  • for students with a German level below B2: "Projekt Vortrags-/Präsentationstechniken"(2 ECTS)
  • for students with a German level B2+: you can choose between "Projekt Vortrags-/Präsentationstechniken" (2 ECTS) and "Proseminar" (5 ECTS)


  • Project module "Vertiefung Kompetenzerweiterung und Kulturraum" (1 ECTS)

We will provide you with further information in good time!

Learning Agreement

All ITMK exchange students choose their classes individually on the basis of the current Erasmus+ lecture timetable and UnivIs and make up their individual timetable. Before as well as after your arrival at the ITMK, we have to check your Learning Agreement (LA) as follows:

  • Learning Agreement: Before the Mobility (BTM) = your provisional study plan/course selection. You are required to upload it to Mobility Online by: WiSe: May, 1 / SoSe: November, 1.
  • Learning Agreement: During the Mobility (DTM) = your final study plan/course selection by latest: WiSe: October, 25.

Please carefully read the  Learning Agreement guidelines carefully for more information on how to fill in the Agreement and how to submit it. It also contains the submission deadlines.


In our presentation "Erasmus+ exams" on Tuesday, 4 June 2019 and Thursday, 6 June 2019 we will provide you with detailed information on:

  •  how (and when) to register for the exams
  • how to receive your grades
  • how to repeat an exam

Participation on ONE of the presentations is therefore obligatory.

In general: Exchange students write their exams with the ITMK students in the official exam period. Taking exams is only possible during the official exam periods and no exceptions can be made. There are two official exam periods at the ITMK:

  • At the end of the winter term and
  • At the end of the summer term

The official timetable will be published in the so called "Prüfungsplan" at the ITMK website. You will then be able to make your individual exam timetable.

Please note: Exchange students cannot register online for exams. Instead, you have to inform your lecturers personally should you want to sit an exam. Please inform them in time, so they can consider you in their preparation for the exam.

Good luck with your exams!

All exams of exchange students are archived at the ITMK. Students have the opportunity to look through the exam after the assessment. For this, fixed times are appointed, for which students have to register in advance. In order to make an appointment please visit ITMK's website.