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GLOBUS offers interested companies the opportunity to have teams of graduate students working on topics relevant to the internationalization of business in various industries. Here, the industry studies form an important element of the GlobalMBA program curriculum in bringing together education and practice in a mutually beneficial way.

GLOBUS Student Research: Industry Studies

Multinational student teams are formed each year in October in Cologne. The student teams will then start working on the Global Business Team Project for approximately one year. The research will be approved and supervised by a team of GLOBUS senior experts. Although the research work is conducted free of charge, any voluntary allowance for expenses is highly appreciated.

Past and current topics of industry studies include, amongst others:

  • Green Energy Transition in China: A Focus on the Offshore Wind Power Industry
  • The Evolution and Prospects of Clean Coal Technologies in China
  • The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on the Global Automotive Industry: An Explorative Case Study of the U.S. Industry
  • Feeding the Masses: A Sustainability Analysis of Rice Production in China
  • Dealing with Competition from Global Retailers – Is Omni-Channeling a Strategic Option for Supermarkets
  • Global Shift in the Renewable Energy Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Catch-up Strategies in China’s Wind Power and Photovoltaic Industries
  • Sustainable E-Waste Management in China: Present State and Future Prospects
  • The Transformation of the Automotive Industry based on Mobility Innovations – A Comparative Analysis of Automotive Markets in the United States of America and Germany
  • Fair Trade and Sustainability in the Clothing Industry: An African Perspective
  • Structural Shift in the Fishing Industry Towards Aquaculture: The Case of China
  • Sustainability in China’s Agriculture: The Water-Food-Energy Nexus
  • E-Mobility in China
  • A Critical Analysis of Current Approaches to Integrating Sustainability into the Fast-Fashion Segment of the Clothing Industry
  • Will Blockchain revolutionize the financing industry? An analytical review comparing IPOs and ICOs
  • SMART Sustainability. The Evolution of SMART Systems Integration and its Implications for the Semiconductor Industry
  • Progress and Barriers in Introducing Electric Vehicles to the US Automobile Market
  • The impact of digitalization on the automotive value chain: Analyzing the potential for German automotive companies
  • An Analysis of Green Logistics Strategies in the Global Distribution Industry
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Greening of the Energy Sector in Newly Industrializing Countries: The Cases of China and India

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