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GLOBUS research seeks to enhance our understanding of the dynamic interaction between business as well as societal and ecological developments. It is dedicated to raise the awareness for societal factors in global business and reflects on the necessities to adjust graduate management and economic education to further these objectives.

Research Projects

GLOBUS acts as a globally networked research institute to integrate researchers focusing on a variety of disciplines into the global scientific network. Particular focus is on three major areas:

  • research on the interaction of global business activities and societal developments;
  • research on best practices in cultural sensitive graduate management and economic education;
  • research on sustainability of global industries.

Current research projects include:

  • GLOBUS Working Paper Series

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2019-01
    Sander, H. Europe in the New Global Economy: A Policy Paper.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2015-01
    Kleimeier, S., S. Qi, H. Sander. Deposit Insurance in Times of Crises: Safe Haven or Regulatory Arbitrage?

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2014-02
    Sander, H., S. Kleimeier, S. Heuchemer. The Resurgence of Cultural Borders in International Finance during the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Eurozone Cross-Border Depositing.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2014-01
    GLOBUS Research Report 2013.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2012-01
    Sander, H. Over-indebted Youth: Unemployment and Deleveraging in the Euro Zone.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2011-04
    Wolfer, S., H. Sander, F. Gogoll. Reverse Logistics for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in China: Application of Linear Programming to Eco-Innovation in Industry.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2011-03
    Sander, H. The Use and Usefulness of OECD's "Green Growth Diagnostics".

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2011-02
    Steagall, J.W., J.E. Michelman, A. Sheridan Fugard, A. Gallo. Sustaining an International MBA Program.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2011-01
    Heuchemer, S. and H. Sander. Internationalisierung der Managementausbildung im Zeitalter der unvollständigen Globalisierung: Eine Reflexion über 10 Jahre GlobalMBA.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2009-02
    Aziakpono, M., S. Kleimeier and H. Sander, Banking Market Integration in the SADC Countries: Evidence from Interest Rate Analyses.

    GLOBUS Working Paper 2009-01
    Heuchemer, S., S. Kleimeier and H. Sander. The Geography of European Cross-Border Banking: The Impact of Cultural and Political Factors.

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